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2016 | New hearing aids

September 01, 2016 by David Roberts
Published in: Hearing Aids

2016 Hearing aid highlights

The "AAA" or American Academy of Audiology conference happens every year around April/May time and from an audiologist's perspective is the most exciting time of the year. This is where the hearing aid manufacturers showcase the newest developments in the world of hearing aids.

With the conference being in America you might assume that these hearing aids are only available across the pond, however unlike most of the UK national retail chains, the independent UK audiologists usually get access from day one which keeps us at the cutting edge of hearing aid technology.


First up we have what in my opinion was the high point of the conference, the Oticon Opn. Click on the link to read in full about this innovative new hearing aid.


Siemens has replaced the Binax range with the newer Primax series of hearing aids and whilst there are no major advances in this latest iteration, they have crucially ironed out many of the issues our audiologists found with the older Binax range.


Starkey has brought out the Halo2 and Muse ranges. Muse replaces the previous Z-series of aids and is a completely new platform with a new chipset. Halo2 uses the same technology as the Muse but with added smartphone compatibility. The Soundlens2 range of IIC's (invisible in canal aids) has also had the same upgrades.


Not out just yet but coming soon on September 23rd is the long awaited upgrade to the Phonak range. The Phonak Audeo Belong is the first hearing aid out on Phonak's new "Belong" platform which supersedes the ageing "Venture" or "V" range. We are excited to see what they will have to offer, details are scarce so far other than that they have brought out a long lasting fully rechargeable option which will hopefully make rechargeable hearing aids more of a viable option.


That's it for this year so far, when we have more news about upcoming releases, we will add to this article, so if you aren't looking for hearing aids just yet then remember to check back here for future updates. Alternatively call us on 0800 5677721 if you would rather ask about any new developments, you can even speak to me directly, just ask for David.


Author: David Roberts

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