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The Best Budget Hearing Aids of 2015

September 22, 2015 by David Roberts
Published in: Hearing Aids

The Best Budget Hearing Aids of 2015 - Written September 2015

Are you looking for a new hearing aid but can't afford the best and brightest? We supply hearing aids for all budgets and in 2015 Phonak, Oticon and Unitron have all brought out their new range of budget aids. There are also viable options from the other manufacturers that are a little older but have had price reductions as newer models have come out and so are still a great buy.

The aids are categorised below according to budget. Listed below are the bullet points for the products, For a full description of each product, click on the link.

The Best Budget Hearing Aids of 2015

Under £450

In our view, there are no hearing aids under £450 that are worth buying at the moment. It is possible to buy some very basic hearing aids for less than this price but our opinion is that you are likely to be better served by going to the NHS if you are looking for a good basic solution as any sub-£450 hearing aid is unlikely to offer any additional benefit.

under 500

Under £500

Both of these options are basic products, mainly suitable for watching television and hearing in a quiet one-on-one environment. Neither are recent releases but they are available in the full range of forms is available including in the ear and completely in the canal (CIC)

Starkey Z-Series i20 - £495

Resound Dot 10 - £495

under 600

Under £600

These aids are of a slightly higher specification than those above and therefore will have marginally better sound quality. Otherwise than that they are quite similar.

Phonak Q30 - £595

Resound Vea 2 - £595

Unitron North 500 - £595

under 700

Under £700

These products have been released this year so although they are still budget aids, they do have the latest technology powering them.

Phonak V30 - £695

Oticon Ria2 - £625

under 800

Under £800

These aids are considered to be bottom of the mid-range. They are more suitable for those on a budget who still want some ability to hear without being troubled by background noise when out and about. The Unitron and Oticon aids were both released in April this year.

Oticon Ria2 Pro - £725

Starkey Z-Series i30 - £795

under 900

Under £900

At this price point you are approaching the mid-range aids and may want to consider looking at our top ten list of mid-range hearing aids as you can get a large increase in performance for a relatively small increase in budget from this point onwards.

Phonak Q50 - £895

Oticon Nera2 - £845

That concludes our list of the top budget hearing aids currently available in the UK. If you would like any more details about any of these products, feel free to call us on 0800 567 7721 or use our contact form.

Author: David Roberts

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