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What’s the smallest hearing aids on the market in 2014?

November 13, 2014 by Paul Harrison
Published in: Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are constantly evolving, both in terms of technology and size. Here is our list of the smallest hearing aids currently available

Starkey Sound Lens

The Sound Lens is an Invisible In Canal or IIC hearing aid. Despite its small size this digital hearing aid is fully programmable and uses the same technology as the Starkey’s Series IQ range.

This hearing aid uses a Voice Iq2 program which preserved speech sounds and reduces background noise to help you follow conversation in crowded or busy places. It can also separate loud and soft speech sounds making it easier when different people are talking at once. The feedback eliminator removes the whistling or buzzing feedback sounds without distorting other sound around you. Due to its small size it contains omnidirectional microphones and does not have wireless capability.

Other features include the Spectral IQ frequency Translation program which recreates and amplifies certain sounds which would otherwise be out of your hearing range. This is different from the frequency compression programmes which are used by many other hearing aids.

Despite not being wireless, it is still possible to change the settings and programmes on the hearing aids using a remote control. The T2 Remote can also be downloaded as an app to use on your mobile phone.

Resound Verso IIC

The Verso is available in two technology levels, the Verso 9 and the Verso 7 so you can choose the best for your lifestyle. The different styles available include invisible in canal, completely in canal and mini canal. Some of these come with remote controls and remote microphones for ease of use and better hearing clarity. (The Verso is also available in larger styles)

These hearing aids contain Binaural fusion technology, which allows two hearing aids to work together for better sound quality. They can automatically adjust to your environment if you move from somewhere quiet to somewhere loud, they will make small changes to help sound clarity and listening comfort.

Features include a Comfort phone program which reduces the sound in your non phone ear to remove distractions when you are talking. The music mode setting helps you listen to music without sound distortion. Other features include background noise reduction and wind noise and feedback suppression to help you to hear in different situations.

There are 3 programs to choose from and the isolate nanotech coating repels dust and moisture.

Oticon Intiga i D100

This is an Invisible in Canal style of hearing aid or IIC. This small yet powerful hearing aid contains wireless technology allowing both your hearing aids to communicate with each other, making sure they are always on the same settings and programmes. They are also able to assess your environment and make automatic adjustments if you enter a noisy room or go outside by reducing the background noise or reducing the wind noise.

The Speech guard program recognizes speech sound which it preserves and amplifies whilst reducing the level of background noise This is ideal for following conversation when there is excess background noise.

These hearing aids incorporate Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect them to your mobile phone as well as Oticon’s range of sound streamers for landline telephones and television.

Phonak Nano

The Phonak Nano is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and is available in two technology levels to suit your needs and budget, the Solana and the Ambra.

The Solana contains advanced technology o cope with demanding listening situations including playing sports, or listening in restaurants and meetings.

The Ambra contains a higher premium level of technology to help you cope with more challenging listening situations including social event, noise in public spaces and driving with people in the car.

Along with 20 sound processing channels these hearing aids contain binaural microphones to focus on speech whilst reducing background noise. Other programmes include feedback and whistling cancellation as well as wind noise reduction. They can also reduce the echo distortion produced when in large halls or rooms.  High frequency sounds are processed and bought within your hearing range to make certain speech sounds more audible

The wireless capability allows the hearing aids to synchronise their settings as well as giving them the ability to adjust to their environment to ensure your listening comfort when moving from a quiet room to somewhere noisier.

Siemens i Mini

The Siemens I Mini is an In the Canal hearing aid which is customised and finely tuned to suit your needs. It is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The nano coating not only ensures a tough surface, it ensures a comfortable fit and makes it easy to take in and out.

The feedback elimination program stops the whistling feedback sound before you hear it, this along with the background noise and wind noise reduction programs help you to hear clearly in different environments. The speech smoothing program separates speech from background noise for better clarity.

The sound brilliance program increases the range of audible sound frequencies by analyzing sounds and reproducing them in within your hearing range. This gives better sound quality in every situation, especially when listening to music.

These hearing aids work together to ensure clarity, the Bluetooth capability allows you to stream sound from your phone as well as connecting with Siemens range of sound streamers.

Widex IIC (Dream 440)

This Invisible in Canal hearing aid is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and is designed for the best sound in all listening environments. The integrated faceplate and casing has no joins so it is comfortable to wear. They are custom made to give you the best possible fit.

The nanocare wax guard repels earwax, moisture and dust to ensure the hearing aid stays in its best working order.

This hearing aid is available in 3 technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget. Programs include feedback cancellation without sound distortion, speech enhancement as well as the ability to assess your environment and make subtle adjustments to give you the best hearing clarity.

The specially designed Widex sound not only enhances speech but improves the quality of all the sounds around you.

Author: Paul Harrison

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