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We frequently get asked about hearing aids that we do not have listed. These could be rebranded hearing aids, National Health ones, or ones with different names abroad. We are compiling a master list of these so help people get a little bit more information about the hearing aids they are searching for.


  • NHS
  • Rebranding
  • Obscure aids


National Health aids vary across the country. Here are the main brands and models. Newer models are towards the top of the list, older ones at the bottom. We have also included paediatric aids in this list.


Siemens provide a lot of NHS hearing aids for the NHS The first digital aids provided for the NHS were the Prisma's.

  • Octiv
  • Octiv S / S+
  • Octiv M / M+
  • Octiv SP+ / HP+
  • Teneo
  • Teneo S / S+
  • Teneo S / S+
  • Teneo HP+
  • Impact
  • Prisma 2
  • Prisma


Oticon are the main supplier of NHS hearing aids in the UK.

  • Spirit Synergy
  • Spirit Zest
  • Spirit II
  • Spirit
  • Sensei
  • Sensei S


Danalogic is the name of GN Resound's NHS brand. 

  • iFit E series
  • iFit C series
  • Resound UP

Phonak / Unitron

Phonak are a minor supplier of NHS aids but is especially known for the classroom benefits their paediatric products bring, such as the Roger FM systems.

  • Nathos Q
  • Nathos M
  • Nathos SP / S+
  • Nathos UP
  • Sky Q
  • Naida
  • Naida SP
  • Naida UP
  • Unitron Yuu
  • Solana
  • Nios S H20


You may have recently bought a hearing aid and then tried to find out more about it online. If you are struggling to find out more information then it may be because the hearing aid has been rebranded, making it difficult to identify what it actually is that you have. Below we have a list of the ones that we know about.

Specsavers "Advance" range

This isn't a rebranding per se, more of an own brand. A similar situation to you buying a supermarkets "basics" or "essentials" own brand baked beans. Who knows, they may be made in the same factory as the Heinz ones, but they probably aren't and nobody will tell you either way. The specifications of the Advance range vary, as does the company manufacturing them and they seldom publish the specifications. For many peoply this would certainly set off alarm bells. If you're investing a lot of money in hearing aids, we would strongly recommend that you look to purchase a current model, branded, hearing aid.

Oticon "H" series

Oticon have a range of "H" aids;

  • Oticon H330
  • Oticon H310
  • Oticon H160
  • Oticon H150
  • Oticon H110

There are possibly others. These are exclusively sold by Hidden Hearing. These hearing aids are identical to the normal models but are sometimes rebranded due to the not insignificant price difference between getting these hearing aids from Hidden Hearing as opposed to from pretty much anywhere else.

White label hearing aids

The main offenders with what we call "White label" hearing aids are sadly independents. Not all independents operate like we do, some want to charge significantly more for hearing aids than their market value. They order the hearing aids from the manufacturer either without branding and model numbers, or with their own personalised branding on them. This can make it difficult to tell the details of the model you have bought.

Obscure / foreign or obsolete aids

Below is the list of aids that we sometimes get asked about and either have very little information about or that are so old that we have no interest in providing a write-up of them. This list is very much a work in progress.

  • Resound Air / Contact Air
  • Phonak Supero
  • Siemens Triano
  • Resound Pulse
  • Siemens Lotus
  • Siemens Accord
  • Siemens Cielo


Author: Paul Harrison

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