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Starkey Genesis AI 12 Hearing Aids

  • Starkey Genesis AI 12

Price Each £1095 | Price Pair £1995

Behind the Ear & In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC
Rechargeable is an additional £100 per aid
5 Year Warranty Included

Technology rating

Our price £1095

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Overview of the Starkey Genesis AI 12 Hearing Aids


Introduced in October 2023, the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids lineup encompasses an array of models, including the RIC-RT, mRIC-R, rechargeable, and custom In-Ear variants. Positioned as the introductory performance level within the series, the Starkey Genesis AI 12 hearing aids have brought forth a combination of fresh features and technology while retaining familiar elements treasured by users.

Notably, the updated Neuro Sound processing chip has amplified its speed and capacity, effectively compensating for the auditory gaps associated with hearing loss.

In terms of battery performance, the rechargeable options offer an impressive 51 hours of use, marking a significant extension compared to previous models. The Bluetooth connectivity remains unchanged, continuing to support hands-free calling for iPhone users. Complementing the device, the user-friendly app, equipped with simplified 'how-to' videos, has sought to alleviate past complexities for wearers.

The redesigned appearance of the hearing aids introduces a sleeker and more durable design, ensuring comfort throughout the day. The Starkey Genesis AI range incorporates various models, including Receiver in Canal (RIC) devices equipped with distinct features, and In-Ear hearing aids available in diverse designs.

When comparing the Starkey Genesis AI 12 with the Genesis AI 24, notable features are absent in the former, including 12 programming channels, 10 dB wind noise reduction, and 8 dB speech in noise reduction. Additionally, the Genesis AI 12 lacks Edge Mode, assistant, transcription, translation, and the tap control feature, signifying a reduction in functionality compared to the Genesis AI 24 models.

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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