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Starkey Muse i2400 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Muse i2400

Price for one - £1595 | Price for a pair - £2995

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High Street Price £2200

Our price £1595

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The Muse i2400 is a 24 channel hearing aid, the top of the 2016 range of "Synergy" aids from Starkey. It uses the same technology as the Halo 2 i2400 and the Soundlens2 i2400. The Muse includes the full range of forms from the full sized BTE down to the tiny CIC version.

As this is the top model, it is aimed at those with an active lifestyle who need to make sure that they can hear everything as well as they possibly can. Please see below for a comparison of the various features in the range. If you'd like any explaining in more detail then please do call us.

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Author: David Roberts

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