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In today’s technologically advanced world everyone wants things to be faster, easier and connected to everything else. This is no different when it comes to hearing aids. The days of simply making everything louder are long gone and today’s hearing aids come fully loaded with features to enhance the listening experience.

One such feature is the introduction of wireless connectivity. Using a range of accessories, your hearing aids can now be connected to things like your TV, mobile phone, radio or MP3 player. Many manufacturers have now developed their own ranges of wireless accessories that will connect with their own wireless enabled hearing aids.

Here are some examples of the kinds of wireless accessories that are currently available.

Remote Control

Examples:   Phonak MyPilot, Widex RC-DEX, Siemens e-Pen

These devices are perfect for people who may find the buttons on their hearing aids too fiddly. These handy remotes all have a compact design and easy controls.

TV Streamer

Examples:  Phonak TV Link S, Oticon Connectline TV, Resound Unite TV, Starkey Surflink Media

These accessories connect to your television and will stream the sound into your hearing aids as if you were wearing headphones. You can then simply adjust the volume on your hearing aids and avoid any arguments with others over the TV volume level. Some devices such as the Resound Unite and Starkey Surflink will stream the sound directly into your hearing aids. Others, such as the Phonak TV Link S or the Oticon Connectline, require an additional device to achieve this. Often referred to as a neckloop, an extra streamer must be worn about the person to transmit the signal to the hearing aids.


Examples: Resound Unite Mini Microphone, Unitron uMic, Phonak RemoteMic

These devices are designed to help you if you have difficulty enjoying a normal conversation in a crowd because of background noise. These accessories clip onto the other person’s clothes and will stream their voice directly into the hearing aids so you can hear them clearly.

There is a wide range of other devices available that can connect you to mobile phones, landline phones and music players.

It is worth knowing that these devices must be paired to your hearing aids by a trained audiologist before you can use them. You can also only use the accessories made by the same manufacturer as your hearing aids. Some hearing aids are not wireless compatible, either because of their technology level or style so if you are intending to purchase wireless accessories you need to check this in advance. 

Author: Paul Harrison

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