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Sonetik™ Hearing Aids

Sonetik™ Hearing Aids

Sonetik are a Swiss based hearing company founded in 2007. In 2014 they signed a contract with Lloyds Pharmacy in the UK to provide their hearing aids in-store at certain pharmacies.

The Sonetik concept is to have a short, automated (10 minute) hearing test at a local Lloyds pharmacy. If you are found to have a hearing loss which matches the profile of one of their 4 hearing aids then the can fit the hearing aids there and then.

So what exactly are Sonetik hearing aids? The exact specification is not divulged so one can only assume they are relatively low spec. They all look the same although there are 4 models which contain different audiometric profiles. Essentially they are mini, behind the ear hearing aids that use a thin tube (rather than a standard tube and ear mould). There is a push button at the rear of the hearing aid which changes the volume in 4 different levels. The cost to the consumer is £395 per hearing aid. They come with a 1 year warranty and a 30 days full money back guarantee.

Here is a comparison between the Sonetik hearing aid and another low cost hearing aid. The aid we are comparing it with is the ReSound Enya 2 which was launched in October 2015.

  Sonetik hearing aid   ReSound Enya 2
Cost  £395 £495
Number of channels  Unknown 6
Models      Behind the ear only Behind the ear and in the ear
Programmable  No  Yes
Directional microphones Fixed Adaptive
Noise reduction Unknown Yes
Tinnitus feature No  Yes
Remote control No  Yes
Aftercare Unknown Yes for the life of the hearing aid
Home visit available? No  Yes
Money back guarantee 30 days  60 days





On a positive note, Sonetik are driving consumer awareness about hearing loss. The pharmacy staff pro-actively invite people to take a free hearing test. The Sonetik aids are low cost and can be fitted instantly. If you're a first time wearer of hearing aids then they're not a bad option.

The main Achilles heel of the Sonetik aid is that it is not specifically programmable for the individual person’s hearing loss. If your hearing loss changes then they cannot be reprogrammed or adjusted to account for individual preferences. The volume can however be changed by pressing the button at the back of the hearing aid. The feature specification is low (and unknown to a degree) and it is only available as a behind the ear hearing aid.   

Author: Paul Harrison

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