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Siemens launch their new Micon Range of Hearing Aids

Date: Wednesday 29th May, 2013

Siemens have made further advancements in their hearing technology with the launch of their new Micon platform. This platform is at the heart of their BestSound technology and promises their best listening experience to date. Siemens really have taken a leap forward with this technology, now offering a huge 12kHz bandwidth and an unprecedented 48 channels on the premium models.

The new Micon range includes 6 different hearing aids and 3 technology levels, 7mi, 5mi and 3mi. Currently only half of these aids come in the 3mi technology level but this is expected to be available across the full range towards the end of 2013.    

Siemens have of course applied this new platform to many of their excellent and well known hearing aids, but they have also included some brand new models to offer their customers a wide choice of styles.

Ace (7mi, 5mi)

This is a new Micro RIC (Receiver In Canal). It has all the benefits of an RIC with an even smaller and sleeker design.


Aquaris (7mi, 5mi, 3mi)

This hearing aid has been especially designed for people with a more active lifestyle. It is an attractive BTE (Behind The Ear) model with the added bonus of being highly durable and dust resistant. The Aquaris can also be completely immersed in water up to a certain degree without risk of damage.


Insio (7mi, 5mi)

The newest addition to the Siemens family is a range of custom hearing aids including ITE (In The Ear), ITC (In The Canal) and CIC (Completely In Canal)


Life (7mi, 5mi, 3mi)

The Life is the mini BTE (Behind The Ear) option in the Micon range. It is smaller than an average BTE but still offers the same features and benefits.


Motion (7mi, 5mi)

This is the standard BTE (Behind The Ear) model. Although slightly larger, it still has a comfortable and attractive design.


Pure (7mi, 5mi, 3mi)

Previous Siemens users will know this as their excellent RIC (Receiver In Canal) technology.


With the new Micon platform, Siemens appear to have split their features into three main elements, with each one containing both key and new features.


MiFocus comprises all the features that help with things like speech and acoustics. With benefits such as TruEar and High Resolution Speech Focus along with the new 12kHz bandwidth you can expect outstanding sound quality.


MiSound does what it says on the tin. It deals with sound. In short, making sure you hear the ones you want and keeps out the ones you don’t. This is achieved with features that eliminate things like feedback, background noise and even wind noise.


MiGuide is more for the audiologist but ultimately benefits the wearer. It allows your hearing aids to record information to give the audiologist an accurate view of how the aids are performing. An acclimatisation feature can also help to reduce the number of follow up appointments that may be necessary as these aids will automatically adjust over time.

With this new Micon technology, Siemens have even offered a lifeline to anyone suffering from tinnitus. Previously, tinnitus management was only available on certain aids but it has now been applied across the board. The new Tinnitus Noiser uses advanced technology to draw your attention away from the ringing sounds that can drive you crazy and make your symptoms more manageable.

Siemens advertise their new Micon technology with the tagline ‘Because the Future Belongs to Soundability.

What is Soundability?

Well, Siemens explain it as when you’ve found that perfect balance between audibility and sound quality which is what these hearing aids promise to deliver. By really listening to the customer’s needs and preferences, these instruments can be tuned to give you a better sound quality than ever on a truly personal level. With more bandwidth, channels and features than ever before, Siemens are really keeping themselves at the forefront of the hearing aid industry.



Author: Paul Harrison

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