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Can hearing aids cause headaches?


Now that my doctor has told me that hearing aids could help me get my social life back I’m excited to try out my first pair. I’ve been reading up on some of the potential side effects and disadvantages, and I have to say I’m worried about getting headaches from wearing hearing aids. I already deal with occasional migraines so I wouldn’t want to exacerbate that problem. I’ve been kind of sceptical about whether hearing aids could actually be causing people headaches. Can hearing aids really cause headaches?


It is very unlikely that hearing aids would cause a headache but not impossible. I guess anything could cause a headache such as spectacles, stress, chocolate and alcohol. The only way to truly know would be to try the hearing aids out and see for yourself?  We provide hearing aids with a 60 days full money back guarantee so you can give them two months to put them to the test. Hopefully by then your fears will be allayed and your social life back on the road to recovery.

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Saturday 2nd March, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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