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Can hearing aids improve hearing?


I have poor hearing in both of my ears and according to doctors there is very little that can be done to reverse it.  However, I have been told that hearing aids may not only help you hear sounds louder, they might also help you hear better even after you take them out. Is it true that hearing aids can improve hearing or is it just whilst you are wearing them that your hearing improves?


Our ears collect the sound and transduce it into electrical signals. This is then sent to the brain where the real sensation of hearing takes place. If someone suffers from a hearing loss then the parts of the brain that would usually receive the sound stimulus can be starved. Over time, the brain can begin to lose it’s effectiveness in understanding such sounds as speech. This is known as late onset auditory deprivation. 

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Thursday 21st March, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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