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Can you sleep in hearing aids?


I work long hours at my job and sometimes I come home from work and I’m so exhausted I just go to sleep without taking my hearing aids out because I fall asleep watching TV. I’m concerned that doing this might be bad for my ears, or that it could damage my hearing aids somehow. Is it safe to wear hearing aids while you’re sleeping? If not, what are the risks of falling asleep with your hearing aids in?


It is usually not dangerous to fall asleep with your hearing aids in. I would however not recommend it. The risk is that you lie on one side and cause the hearing aid to produce a whistling sound (acoustic feedback). This can be quite loud and could possibly damage your hearing further. There is a hearing aid, the Phonak Lyric, that is worn 24 hours a day. It works out quite expensive – about £130 per ear per month. 

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Tuesday 26th March, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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