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How to clean a hearing aid microphone?


Lately my hearing aid has not been working as well as it used to. I’m noticing that sounds are muffled and the clarity is just not there anymore. I have a suspicion that the microphone is dirty so the sound waves aren’t getting through well enough to be sent to my ear. Do you think this is a likely explanation for the decrease in performance? If so, could you please give me a few tips on how to clean hearing aid microphone and do you think this is why it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to?


It is possible that debris on the microphone could be affecting the performance of your hearing aids. Many hearing aids have filters or microphone covers to prevent this from happening. Over time, microphones generally become less effective. Many hearing aids actually have 2 microphones which enables them to zoom in a given direction. In the first instance you should consult you hearing care professional about this as all hearing aids are different. Many people confuse the microphone of a hearing aid with the receiver. If the hearing aid is of the “in the ear” type then the microphone is the small aperture on the outside, external surface. The receiver or speaker is located in the ear canal and this can get blocked with wax. Again, professional advice should be sought before attempting to clean the aid(s).

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Wednesday 20th March, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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