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How to clean hearing aids of ear wax?


I’ve been using my hearing aids every day for months now and up until a few days ago they worked perfectly. After noticing that sounds aren’t as crisp as they were when I first bought them I took a look to see what could be wrong and noticed that I have done a horrible job of keeping my earwax under control. Now the buds of the hearing aids are covered in wax and I think this could be affecting the performance. I want to clean them but I’m afraid I might damage them if I don’t do it right. How do you clean the earwax off hearing aids properly?


There are many different hearing aids on the market and all of them are a little different. This is not something one can generalize about so you need to contact your hearing aid audiologist. They may require a simple wipe or clean with the tiny brush supplied with the aids or perhaps the changing of a wax protector incorporated into your aid. If you call us we can identify if it is a simple cleaning and talk you through it. Wax production is perfectly normal and the wearing of hearing aids can actually make you produce more wax.

Date: Wednesday 16th January, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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