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What are the best hearing aids?


What Are The Best Hearing Aids?


With people living longer and loud electronic devices being used more regularly in our everyday lives – causing potential damage to our hearing – the need for hearing aids is growing.

As a result, the technology used in hearing aids is becoming more advanced thanks to the greater demand and ongoing research going into them. There are many types of hearing aids and many causes of hearing loss, so naturally there is a large variety of style, features and pricing to consider.

There is no single ‘best hearing aid’ as it completely depends on your level of hearing loss and which style is preferred by the individual, but there are certainly some recommended ones. Here’s a few of our favourites…


Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids

BTE aids have an earmould that fits snugly inside your ear, while the rest of the aid rests behind your ear. Some models have twin microphones, which let you switch between all-round sound and a more directional setting that helps you focus on what you want to hear in noisy places.

BTE Open Fit hearing aids have a small, soft earpiece at the tip of the tubing instead of an earmould. This type of fitting can be less noticeable than an earmould but is only suitable if your hearing loss is mild or moderate. It can give you a very natural sound.

ReSound Verso RangeWe like: Verso 9 from ReSound

  • Contains 17 channels for frequency processing and four programmes which can be set for optimum listening in different environments
  • Wirelessly synchronise with each other making sure the settings are always the same for both hearing aids
  • Feedback and wind noise suppression as well as background noise suppression which improves speech clarity
  • Analyses the sound around you and makes adjustments to help you hear clearly.
  • The Onboard Analyser helps your audiologist review how you are using your hearing aid and make any adjustments needed
  • The nanotech coating repels dust and moisture preserving the life of the hearing aid


Receiver in the ear (RIE) hearing aids

Receiver in-the-ear (RIE) aids are often smaller than BTE aids because some part of the device sits inside the ear. Like BTE Open Fits, they can be easier to put in than an earmould if you find fiddly tasks awkward.

There are different RIE hearing aids for different levels of hearing loss. If your hearing loss is severe, you may need a type where the receiver sits in an earmould. 

We like: Phonak Audeo q90 Smart Mini

  • Includes background noise suppression, wind noise reduction, whistle elimination and a program which softens sudden loud noises
  • Contains 20 sound processing channels and the wireless capability allows two hearing aids to communicate with each other and adjust their settings to give you the best hearing possible in different environments
  • Tinnitus program plays sounds of your choice through the hearing aids
  • Stream sound from your mobile phone and television using wireless accessories and sound streamers


In the ear (ITE) hearing aids

These fit entirely into your ear. The working parts are either in a small compartment clipped to the earmould or inside the moulded part itself.

Widex Dream RangeWe like: Widex Dream 440 Passion Fusion

  • Fast sound processing and 15 processing channels allow for excellent sound quality.
  • 5 programmes which can be tuned for different situations. Background noise reduction and feedback cancellation assist in difficult listening environments
  • Other programs soften the sound of sudden loud noises
  • Tinnitus program plays harmonic sounds to relieve the symptoms
  • Compatible with Widex’s DEX range of accessories which include remote controls, TV streamers and mobile and landline accessories


Completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids

These are even smaller than ITE aids, so they are less visible. Though they are unlikely to be suitable if you have severe hearing loss or frequent ear infections.

Siemens Micon 7miWe like: Siemens Micon 7mi

  • Contains 48 sound processing channels allowing for very fine tuning
  • Automatically adjust to different environments to enhance speech, with wind noise and background noise suppression
  • Program to suppress sudden loud sounds and a tinnitus program
  • Data logging facility allows your audiologist to assess their performance
  • Stream sound from your mobile phone and television using wireless accessories and sound streamers


Take the next step! With hundreds of different options available to you, why not seek impartial advice from our friendly expert team today? As we’re totally independent, we don’t push any particular brand or device, the service we offer is completely tailored to your individual needs. Arrange your free, no-obligation appointment with one of our local audiologists by calling our freephone number. Lines open between 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Tuesday 16th June, 2015

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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