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Which hearing aid batteries last the longest?


Being that I travel a lot and am so busy with work there will probably be times when I can’t stop to charge my hearing aids. I don’t want to go without hearing aids just because I can’t fit recharging into my schedule.  If I can’t find batteries that will last me throughout the day then I guess my only option would be to have several pre-charged backup batteries on hand.  Which hearing aid batteries last the longest, how long do they typically hold a charge, and how long does it take to recharge them?


You are obviously using rechargeable batteries with your hearing aids. Many people like the idea of recharging their hearing aid batteries but the reality and practicalities are less than ideal. A typical rechargeable battery costs around £10 and lasts for perhaps a year before it begins to lose efficiency. A fully charged hearing aid battery will only last about 12 hours between charges so you may need to swap batteries at some stage during the day. It usually takes about 12 hours to recharge a battery from flat. My simple answer to this would be to use conventional disposable batteries. These will last anywhere between 5 days (worst case) and 12 days depending upon size of battery and usage. You should pay no more than 20 pence per battery so the total cost per year per aid should be around £10. If you balance that against the cost of buying rechargeable batteries and the hassle of having to recharge (and possibly the cost of doing so) then you will hopefully see that disposable is very favourable. If you are concerned about the environmental effect of disposing of zinc air batteries then consider using mercury free batteries. These cost a little more but are environmentally friendly. I wonder what the effect on the environment is on having to manufacture a battery charger and having to charge the batteries?

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Thursday 2nd January, 2020

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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