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Which Hearing Aids are the Best?


I’ve been doing my own research online and I can tell that choosing a hearing aid is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I’m familiar with the various types and my doctor has given me a few recommendations, but I really want to make sure I’m using only the most reputable brands so that I won’t have to worry about malfunctions or replacements. Price is not an issue, as I’d rather pay more to get a better product. In terms of quality, reputation, and performance, which hearing aids are the best?


This is a very common question and unfortunately there is no straightforward answer to this. It’s a bit like saying “which car is the best”? Perhaps a more precise question to ask would be “what is the best hearing aid for my hearing loss and individual needs”? This question begs two further questions – what is the nature of your hearing loss and what do you need the hearing aids to do. These questions can only really be answered after having had a consultation with a hearing care professional and a hearing test. In broad terms, the top manufacturers such as ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, Widex, Oticon and Siemens offer hearing aids which are of excellent quality and you can view our hearing aid price list here. The top levels of technology from all these manufacturers should cost about £1500 per hearing aid. It may well be that you do not actually need the very top technology in order to meet your needs. If you have particular difficulty in hearing the television or using a telephone then you may wish to consider hearing aids that have wireless capability. Your hearing aid audiologist can advise on the options available and outline the pros and cons.

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Saturday 1st February, 2020

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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