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Which hearing aids have telecoils?


Sometimes the background noise that my hearing aid creates causes a lot of distraction when I am trying to focus on a serious conversation. As a businessman I need to be able to hear what is going on during a conference. I’ve been told that hearing aids with telecoils can filter out background noise. Is this true? And which hearing aids have telecoils? 


Not all hearing aids have telecoils and this type of technology is considered a little dated. There is no general rule of thumb as to which hearing aids have telecoils and this is frequently an optional extra. In order for someone to hear the telecoil signal, not only must the aid have a telecoil but also the room must have a telecoil loop system installed. These are generally found in churches, cinemas, post offices and many other public places and shops. Not all conference facilities have telecoils. If you have a demanding lifestyle and it is important that you hear as well as possible in a variety of situations then there are many hi-tech solutions available. Wireless technology should perhaps be considered as it enables the hearing aids to communicate with computers, telephones, televisions and also remote microphones.

Author: Paul Harrison

Date: Tuesday 19th March, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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