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16 G5 including Sun, Mood, Quix, Rechargeable, Rixx, Icon, Sina, Ida, Duo Hearing Aids

  • Audioservice 16 G5

Price Each £1695 | Price Pair £3195

Available in: RIC, BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC
5 Year Warranty Included
Rechargeable at no extra cost

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Our price £1695

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Details & Features

Audioservice 16 G5 | Sun / Mood / Quix / Rixx / Icon / Sina / Ida / Duo / Stiline / P Hearing Aids

Available in:  RIC, BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC

|  October 2020:  Audioservice launched its G6 platform.

The Audioservice 16 G5 is the top level of technology for their 2018/2019 range.

Audioservice have quite a complex naming for their hearing aids. Here is the breakdown.

16 G5 - this is the technology level. The G5 shows it is from their fifth generation of aids, this is the newest as of April 2019. The 16 is their top level.

List of models


The Mood is the main receiver in canal model. It has the rechargeable lithium-ion battery option


The Sun is similar to the Mood but slightly larger and more powerful.


The Duo is the larger behind the ear model, for severe losses.

Technical Features

  • Signal processing channels: 48
  • Frequency channels: 20
  • MPO channels: 20
  • Hearing programs: 6
  • AGC channels: 20
  • Energy: Lithium-ion technology
  • EchoClear / Dereverberation, 2earPhone
  • Comformatic, Comfort365, Intelligent Acclimatic, Occlumatic
  • MusicSelect/Hearing programs: 3
  • Wireless - AudioLink, Binaural synchronization, CROS / BiCROS, Direct audio streaming
  • Anti-Feedback system, Programmable tinnitus function
  • Noise Manager
  • Adaptive noise reduction, Auto-situation adaption, Impulse suppressor, MotionSense, Selectronic, Wiener filter
  • Binaural wind noise reduction
  • AudioTronic multi-microphone system
  • Adaptive, AudioDirSelect, Automatic, Directional static, Panorama
  • AudioFocus 360: Audio Focus 360
  • AudioSpot: Spatial Spot
  • Frequency and dynamics concept
  • Extended dynamic range, HiFi functionality / Sound Upgrade, Selective frequency compression, TRC S, Volume setting dependent on the environment

 Colour examples - from the Mood range. Similar choices across all of the behind the ear instruments.

ric colours

Sina /Ida / Icon

These are the various custom in-ear models, ranging from a mini-CIC up to the larger shell options. Technical specs are similar to the above aids, though some features are not possible to include with the smaller models.



This is a mini-RIC, smaller than the Mood but with no rechargeable or wireless features.



This is what we call an "instant fit" CIC. It doesn't need an impression of the ear taking, and it can leave the ear a lot less occluded than with a traditional CIC, provided it suits your ear shape and hearing loss.





Not many UK retailers are able to dispense Audioservice hearing aids. This tends to mean that the ones that do so often charge very high prices for them. If you have been quoted for an Audioservice hearing aid then I'd expect the price to be a lot higher than ours. Call us on 0800 5677721 if you want to discuss this with an audiologist.


**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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