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Resound Omnia 9 Hearing Aids

  • Resound Omnia 9

Price Each £1795 | Price Pair £3295

Rechargeable Option Additional £50 per aid. 5 Year Warranty Included
Available in: RIC, BTE, ITC, CIC

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Our price £1795

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Details & Features

Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids

Including:  M&RIE / MiniRIE / RIE 61 R / RIE 61 / RIE 62 / BTE / Power BTE / Custom 

March 2023 Update:  Resound introduced their brand new Omnia BTEs and custom-made styles - including rechargeable options.

Introduction to Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids

Launched in September 2022, the Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids are state-of-the-art performance devices, so it includes all the features of this range. In many ways, it is ideal for those who live an active lifestyle and often socialise. If you want to push the limits with your devices, the price tag is probably worth it.

Similar to Resoound ONE, Omnia is powered by Organic hearing.  What does this mean for your hearing?  In short, you will gain from natural sound, a hearing aid that feels natural and connects in a natural way.  This technology gives you your best own voice too, so you will avoid sounding artificial or too loud.

How do Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids tackle background noise?

Resound has promised that Omnia will give you automatic focus on what you want to listen to, which means you have complete control of how you want to hear.  With the new improved Ultra Focus feature, you can gain more access to focus on who you are conversing with in more clarity than potentially other hearing aid brands.

Combined with the Resound app, you can enjoy controlling the sound direction and other personalisations to enhance your listening experience - especially in challenging environments like restaurants.

Resound Omnia 9 hearing aid colours, connectivity and chargeability

These hearing aids are available in a plethora of colours and provide Bluetooth connectivity for both iPhone and Android mobile phones.  They also offer hands-free for Apple devices.  There are two disposable battery devices and rechargeable options - giving you an impressive 30 hours of power on only one charge.

 What are the improvements since Resound ONE?

  • They have improved their sound environment using their 360 All Around technology.
  • They have made their processing faster for better selection and detection.
  • They have narrowed their beamforming for more speech clarity in all listening environments.
  • There is also hands-free calling for both iPhones and iPads available.
  • Own voice perception gets an upgrade too.
What has stayed the same?
  • Same device design.
  • Same Resound app, but with a new feature - Check My Fit.
Main benefits of Resound Omnia 9 hearing aids
  • Best speech understanding in noise
  • Hearing clarity all around you
  • Natural own voice
  • Comfortable on the ear
  • 30 hours of use on one charge for a full day's worth of power
  • Weatherproof
  • Check My Fit feature
  • Clear phone calls
  • Hands-free calls for iPhone
Resound Omnie 9 hearing aid technology

Even though Omnia is the same shape as ONE, there are some new features included.  One of them is a better Ultra Focus feature, allowing you to change the focus to someone who is in front of you.  There is also a new clever algorithm that assists in helping reduce the volume of your own voice.

However, the biggest improvement is in the Speech in Noise feature, which Resound has said is 150% better than its legacy products.  This was due to new research methods that indicated that 80% of people with hearing loss said that hearing in background noise was a priority.  Making background noise a priority for Omnia. 

Resound Omnia 9 hearing aid styles:

  • Mini Rechargeable RIE
  • Size 312 Battery RIE
  • Size 13 Battery RIE (includes telecoil)
  • Rechargeable RIE
  • Rechargeable BTE
  • Rechargeable Power BTE
  • CIC
  • Rechargeable ITC
  • Rechargeable ITE

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • Watch the Resound Omnia hearing aid video below

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