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Resound Nexia 9 Hearing Aids

  • Resound Nexia 9

Price Each £1845 | Price Pair £3395

Rechargeable Option Additional £50 per aid.
5 Year Warranty Included.
Available in: RIC

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Our price £1845

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Resound Nexia 9 Hearing Aids Overview

Introduction to Resound Nexia 9 hearing aids

Launched in February 2024, these hearing aids offer an innovative sound experience catering to the full spectrum of hearing loss levels. Regarded as Resound's most advanced technology to date, the Nexia 9 features improved support, and enhanced connectivity, incorporating the proven Organic Hearing approach.

This means that Resound Nexia 9 hearing aids promise a natural-sounding and immersive listening experience.

Key features of Nexia 9

Addressing the preference of 70% of hearing aid wearers for discreet styles, Resound introduces the microRIE, its smallest rechargeable model to date. Enjoy a remarkable 150% improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments, thanks to the unique combination of narrow beamforming directionality and omni-directional listening.

The Environmental Optimiser II adaptive noise reduction feature strikes a balance between adaptable hearing and comfort in noise while the DFS Ultra III reduces feedback and maintains amplification.

Style options available for Nexia 9

Nexia comes with a range of options for both comfort and charging solutions such as the microRIE model a rechargeable hearing aid with a Lithium-ion all-day battery, tap control, push button, and versatile connectivity options.

Models include:  microRIE, RIE 61, and RIE 62.

Colour range include: Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, Espresso, and Deep Black. 

Resound Nexia 9 hearing aid's Bluetooth and wireless capabilities

Each hearing aid offers Bluetooth capability and connectivity to Resound's wireless accessories. Compatible accessories include TV-Streamer+, PhoneClip+, Multi Mic, Micro Mic, Remote Control, and the ReSound Smart 3D App.  

The Smart 3D app not only educates on correct hearing aid usage but also personalises the hearing experience and facilitates remote support from your audiologist.

Explore the new "Hear in Noise" program, allowing adjustments for an improved hearing experience in diverse listening situations.

 Nexia 9 at a glance:

  • Premium level in the Resound  Nexia Range, all features included.
  • 360 All-Around feature utilises real-time data about the environment and sound direction to provide sound from all directions.
  • Front Focus offers additional emphasis on the person in front during conversations, allowing for better focus amidst ambient noise.
  • Personalise your experience with control features like tap control, push buttons, or multi-function buttons (model-dependent).
  • Connect to Resound's wireless accessories seamlessly and use the ReSound Smart 3D App for streamlined control.

Other technology levels in the Resound Nexia hearing aid range:

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Resound Nexia hearing aids

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**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • Watch the Resound Nexia 9 hearing aid video below

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