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Phonak CROS Lumity Hearing Aids

  • Phonak CROS Lumity L-R

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

5 Year Warranty Included.

Technology rating

Our price £995

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Phonak CROS Lumity Hearing Aid Overview


The Phonak CROS Lumity hearing aid is designed to enhance conversations regardless of their direction. Utilising Lumity technology, this solution is tailored for individuals with hearing loss in one ear, enabling them to immerse themselves in sound by increasing awareness from the impaired ear and automatically detecting sounds from both sides.


SmartSpeech Technology

Phonak CROS Lumity features SmartSpeech technology, including StereoZoom 2.0, integrated into Phonak's AutoSense OS 5.0. These features are seamlessly adapted to support single-sided hearing loss, offering improved speech understanding or reduced listening effort, depending on the listening environment.


Two-Part System

A successful hearing solution with any CROS device requires pairing with a compatible hearing aid. The Phonak CROS Lumity system comprises two components:

- The Phonak CROS Lumity hearing aid, worn on the ear with hearing loss, captures sounds and conversations, transmitting them wirelessly to the other hearing aid.

- The other hearing aid, a compatible Phonak rechargeable device, receives the signal and delivers it to the better ear or the ear without hearing loss.


Compatible Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak CROS Lumity is compatible with Phonak Audeo Lumity (Audeo L-R, Audeo L-RT), Phonak Naida Lumity (Naida L-PR), and Phonak Sky Lumity (Sky L-PR) hearing aids, all powered by the Phonak Lumity platform.


Convenient Charging

The Phonak CROS Lumity hearing aid can be charged using the Phonak Charger Ease, a compact charger featuring magnetic charging points for effortless handling. Equipped with a USB-C charging port, it indicates active power with an LED light.


Compatible Accessories

Enhance your hearing experience with Phonak CROS Lumity-compatible accessories such as PartnerMic, Remote Control, TV Connector, RogerDirect, and the myPhonak App for personalised control and connectivity.


At a Glance

- Fully rechargeable device

- Advanced features for improved speech understanding and environmental awareness

- Personalisation options via the myPhonak app

- Universal Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, TVs, tablets, and laptops

Phonak CROS Lumity

Author: Paul Harrison

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