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Rexton Reach 40 hearing aids Including R-Li / R-Li T Models

  • Rexton Reach 40

£1095 per aid | £1995 per pair

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

5 Year Warranty Included. Charger is included in the price.

Technology rating

Our price £1095

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Rexton Reach 40 Hearing Aids Overview

Launched in February 2024, the Rexton Reach 40 hearing aids aim to elevate your auditory experience by seamlessly capturing multiple voices simultaneously, even in challenging background noise. The Rexton Reach 40 is the basic model in the range. 

Multi-Voice Focus technology.

Operating at an impressive rate of 1,000 times per second, the Multi-Voice Focus technology analyses your surroundings using four focus beams to dynamically adjust to changes in speakers’ positions and volumes.

In group discussions where voices naturally fluctuate, traditional hearing aids often struggle to keep pace, leading to the omission of crucial words. Rexton Reach 40 hearing aids, however, overcome these limitations. With Rexton Reach hearing aids, you can actively engage, follow, and participate in group conversations, regardless of the complexity of the listening environment. No voice is left unheard.

Compatible accessories for the Rexton Reach 40 hearing aids include:

Smart Transmitter 2.4
Smart Mic
Smart Key
Rexton Travel Charger
Rexton Charging Station R

App Compatibility

The Rexton hearing aid app, compatible with iPhone and Android, enables on-the-go adjustments via the Rexton Assist, offering remote audiology care without the need for appointments.

Your Preference 

The Rexton Reach 40 hearing aids are available in both the R-Li and R-Li T (with telecoil) RIC models, featuring ten colours: pearl white, grey, silver, dark champagne, granite, black, beige, sandy brown, deep brown, and rose gold.

Rexton Safety 

They are also ATEX certified, ensuring their safety in potentially explosive environments. Rexton certifies and approved use in areas with flammable substances such as paint and chemical manufacturing, and petrol stations.


Rexton Reach hearing aids are rechargeable, offering 20 hours on a full charge (including 5 hours of streaming). They include both MFi and AHSA Bluetooth protocols, seamlessly connecting with iPhones and Android mobiles. Additionally, they are future-proof, ready for an upgrade to the new Bluetooth LE Audio when needed.

What you lose:

Comparing the Rexton Reach 40 with the Reach 80 hearing aids, the former supports tracking multiple voices in front focus. In terms of layers of analysis, it analyses the number of voices and position but lacks the other two layers: proximity (up to 2m) and turn-taking and timing. When compared to the Reach 80, this level of analysis still tracks voices but with less contrast.

Other Technology levels in the Rexton Reach hearing aid range:

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Rexton ReachRexton Reach

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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