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If you’re searching for information about digital hearing aids, the price you should be paying or where you should go to get them then you’ve come to the right place.

Some people spend many hours researching hearing aids and end up more confused than they were before they started. Here at Your Hearing, our goal is to save you time and money by providing instant, free, independent, impartial advice on all aspects of hearing aids.

Perhaps you want to know more about a hearing aid that has been recommended to you or the differences between different hearing aid types and models. If you've been quoted a high price for a hearing aid then you should compare this to our price list.

The hearing aid market can be very confusing. Prices can differ enormously so it is important to seek out all alternatives before committing yourself. We can provide a second opinion at no cost and advise on all makes and models - not just one or two.

Many hearing aid retailers are owned by manufacturers so their advice can be less than impartial. This isn't always obvious so we can advise you on just who is and who is not impartial. In essence, we believe in the following criteria:

Right Advice - Impartial and independent with the whole range of hearing aids at our disposal.

Right Service - Including aftercare, with a qualified hearing aid audiologist, for the life of the hearing aids.

Right Price - The lowest price we can charge, which also includes a full 60-day money-back guarantee.  

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Access Great Benefits Including:

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • Nationwide coverage
  • Fully qualified, registered, hearing aid audiologists 
  • Aftercare included FREE for LIFE 
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included 
  • Free hearing tests, consultations and quotations 
  • 60-day FULL money-back guarantee 
  • Friendly, professional service

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