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Wondering If Bluetooth Hearing Aids Are Really Worth It?


What is Bluetooth?  What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Hearing aids are no longer simply a device that makes things sound louder. Thanks to today’s technology they are capable of doing so much more, especially with the introduction of Bluetooth technology.

For most mobile phone users, this is a term they hear on a regular basis. It is a short-wave radio signal that allows devices to communicate wirelessly with each other and was originally designed for mobile phones. This technology is now available in your hearing aids, which increases the number of benefits you get with your devices.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids?

Firstly, your hearing aids can now communicate with each other and share information. Thanks to this technology, many manufacturers now offer ‘Binaural’ features in their latest models.  Secondly, your hearing aids can be configured to communicate with other devices that you use on a regular basis. Using a range of accessories you can connect your hearing aids to things like your television, radio or mobile phone.

The great thing about these wireless connections is that the sound is streamed into BOTH hearing aids at once, even when using your mobile phone. You can also get wireless remote controls to adjust things like programmes and volume settings which can be useful especially if you find the buttons on your hearing aids a bit fiddly.

These remotes are designed to be very discreet as well. Some manufacturers also offer a microphone accessory that can be clipped to another person’s clothes so you can enjoy normal conversation even in more demanding listening environments.

Check what you're purchasing with your audiologist

Not all of the latest hearing aids are wireless, either due to their size or technology level so if you are interested in wireless accessories then you need to check on this beforehand. 

This technology will obviously not work in the same way and give the same benefits if you wear only one hearing aid. View our list of hearing aids and prices to see what is available today.

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Author: Paul Harrison

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