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Hearing Aid Prices & Costs in the UK

One of the most common questions that we get asked is, ‘How much do hearing aids cost?’. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, as there are a myriad of different hearing aid types on the market, each suited to a different person and each with a different price tag.

However, in this article, we will aim to give you an idea of the range of hearing aid prices that you can expect to pay when you choose to buy your hearing aids from a private audiologist, and also some more information about what you can expect when buying hearing aids from a private audiologist. 

Before we go any further it is worth noting that private audiologists actually fall into two categories. There are large multinational chains of private audiologists such as Boots and Specsavers Hearing Care, and there are also independent private audiologists such as 

The main difference between the two, apart from the big fancy shops and expensive advertising campaigns, is that the big chains are in fact very rarely truly independent. For example, Boots Hearing is actually partly owned by the hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. Therefore you are liable to find that when buying a hearing aid from one of the larger chain stores your choice is somewhat steered towards certain models and brands. 

However, if you choose to buy your hearing aid from a truly independent private audiologist then you will be offered the full range of available hearing aids, rather than what the sales targets are pushing that week. In this way, you are much more likely to find a hearing aid that is absolutely right for you - and at a great price too.

Hearing aid prices from private audiologists

Obviously, not all private audiologists are the same, but here at Your Hearing, we want to make our hearing aids costs as clear as possible. Therefore we have divided our hearing aid prices into 5 categories. We are also happy to provide the exact price for each and every hearing aid that we offer, so you always know exactly what you are getting - please see our full price list here


Price Description                                                                                                                                          
Low Budget Range

£345 to £695 for one hearing aid          

£495 to £895 for a pair of hearing aids

Low budget hearing aids are obviously the cheapest hearing aids that you can buy.
They feature the lowest levels of performance, however they can still provide a decent
sound quality especially in low difficulty situations such as; talking one-to-one, watching TV
or talking on the phone. They tend to be more suited for people with quieter lifestyles and
low levels of background noise.

Similar hearing aids from other companies may be labelled as their "Essentials", "Good",
"You" or "Bronze" ranges

The Basic Range

£695 to £895 for one hearing aid

£1295 to £1395 for a pair of hearing aids

Our basic range can be a great choice for people who lead independent lives, but their
activities don’t usually take them to places with high levels of background noise and different
sounds that will require deciphering.

Similar hearing aids from other companies may be labelled as their "Bronze" or "Home" ranges.

 Mid Range

£1,095 to £1195 for one hearing aid

£1595 to £2095 for a pair of hearing aids

People who need to hear well in most everyday situations, with generally low levels of
background noise, will find mid-range hearing aids as a good minimum standard. You also tend
to find that these ranges of hearing aids and up are where most manufacturers concentrate their
resources for the inclusion of new technological advances.

Similar hearing aids from other companies may be labelled as their "Silver", “Better” or
"Friends and Family" ranges

Advanced Range

£1,245 to £1395 for one hearing aid

£2295 to £2695 for a pair of hearing aids

These are usually great hearing aids that are just one step down from the very best. They tend
to include a lot of really clever tech to ensure that they can stand up to some of the more
challenging sonic landscapes. Therefore they tend to be suited for people who have active
lifestyles and find themselves in lots of different situations, either with higher levels of background noise, business meetings or social events both in and outdoors.

Similar hearing aids from other companies may be labelled as their "Gold", “Best” or "Social" ranges.

The Premium Range

£1,595 to £1695 for one hearing aid

£2895 to £3190 for a pair of hearing aids

Premium hearing aids really are the very best that money can buy. They can provide
exceptional sound quality even in the most challenging of listening environments are
for people who have higher levels of hearing requirements. They will be fully adaptive and automatic and really can revolutionise their users’ lives. 

Similar hearing aids from other companies may be labelled as their "Platinum", “Diamond”,
“Active” or "Ultimate" ranges.


At Your Hearing, we are committed to fully explaining each and every hearing aid recommendation that we make, and also explaining why it costs that price. The range of available hearing aids is constantly evolving and so at any one time, one hearing aid manufacturer may have a hearing aid out that is better than the others. As we are fully independent we are able to offer you hearing aids from all 8 manufacturers, therefore always ensuring that you are getting exactly the right hearing aid for you.

Also by choosing an independent private audiologist, rather than one of the big multinational chains, you can be sure that you are only paying for the level of hearing aid that you need. For example, some users with low-level hearing loss and a quiet lifestyle may be perfectly well served by a low-budget or basic-range hearing aid - and that is what we at promise that we would sell you.

Whereas someone with a really active and dynamic lifestyle and a higher level of hearing loss really could benefit from a premium level hearing aid that is packed full of the latest technological breakthroughs, and honestly could really revolutionise their lives. And if we believe that this is the case then we will tell you this, but at the end of the day, the choice is always yours.

Another point to remember when buying your hearing aid from a private audiologist is that part of the hearing aid price that you are paying is actually for the dedicated service and aftercare of that audiologist. On average our customers will see their audiologist 4 times in the first 6 months of having their hearing aid, just to make sure that everything is exactly as it should be, and if there are any problems at all then we will do our best to make sure that they are fully rectified to your satisfaction.

Also, the price that you pay from includes everything except the batteries (unless you choose one of our range of rechargeable hearing aids of course!). This includes the full manufacturer’s warranty and the cost of any aftercare that you might need for the entire life of your hearing aid. However, not all hearing aid suppliers include this so it is worth carefully checking the terms and conditions before you buy and ensuring that you factor in the cost of any aftercare into the overall price that you are expecting to pay.

Finally, we are often asked about the price difference between the different styles of the same model of hearing aid. For example, is a Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid cheaper than an Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing aid? This may be the case with some private audiologists, however, it certainly is not the case with All of our hearing aids cost exactly the same regardless of the style that you choose. So rather than feeling limited by your choice of hearing aid type, you can simply find the hearing aid make and model which is going to be the best for you and then choose the style later. 

Hearing aid choices

One of the significant advantages of buying your hearing aid from a private audiologist is that you will be able to choose from a much wider range of hearing aids than if you opted for an NHS hearing aid for example.

We are committed to offering our customers the full range of hearing aids available, including models that aren’t necessarily from the latest ranges but could still be a great choice for some people - and offer them significant savings too. We will always ensure that we find you exactly the right hearing aid to suit your individual hearing loss, your lifestyle, your requirements and if necessary your budget - from the entire range of hearing aids available.

 Also, as mentioned above, independent private audiologists are just that - independent, whereas any of the big chains are actually tied to certain manufacturers. This means that independent private audiologists are both able and committed to finding the exact right hearing aid for your regardless of price, make, model or whatever is leftover in stock. This is not always something that you can guarantee if you visit one of the big multinational chains, as one of our genuine customer testimonials attests;


 “Thank You! Your advice saved me from making a bad decision. I was about to buy a pair of Phonak hearing aids from one of the high street providers and between the hearing aids, the television streamer and "com pilot" was paying over £3500. They hadn't told me that in two weeks' time, Phonak was bringing out their whole new range, including an aid that would communicate directly with my smartphone to save buying the extra accessories. They must have known, they just wanted to sell me what they had right there and then without thinking of what was best for me.”

As you can see, choosing an independent private audiologist such as can actually allow your choice to increase whilst your hearing aid costs decrease. 

Some hearing aid manufacturers also seem to have realised that their customers are not always getting the best hearing aid price or service from some of the larger chain stores and so are putting measures into place to actively promote independent private audiologists. For example, if you were to buy one of the new Resound Linx 3D hearing aids from a multinational then you would not actually be able to access all of the available functions. Whereas if you bought the exact same hearing aid from an independent you would a) probably pay less and b) get an improved model with extra features such as Teleaudiometry enabled.

Hearing aid costs from independent private audiologists

One of the concerns that many people have when thinking about buying from an independent private audiologist, rather than from one of the big chains is whether their hearing aid cost is going to be more expensive. Often big chains are associated with greater buying power and thus cheaper prices. 

Obviously, we can’t speak for all independent private audiologists, but here at we can almost always guarantee to beat the price that you will pay for the exact same hearing aid at one of the big multinationals. Whilst still being able to offer the same, or quite often a better, level of service and aftercare.

As a network of independent private audiologists, we are able to keep our hearing aid prices low due to two main reasons. Firstly we do not have to include the overheads of large flashy stores crammed with sales staff, and the cost of expensive nationwide advertising campaigns, into the price of our hearing aids. Secondly, because we are buying on behalf of our entire network of independent audiologists we still have the buying power to ensure that our hearing aid prices are kept as low as possible.

This means that buying your hearing aid from an independent private audiologist such as means that you will have access to an expert independent audiologist who is committed to finding exactly the right hearing aid for you regardless of cost, make or model, whilst also providing exceptional service and aftercare, and all for a cheaper price than most of the multinationals can offer.

Finding an independent private audiologist that you can trust

Sometimes our customers come to us concerned that because we are a network of independent private audiologists, they don’t know if they can trust us 100%. However, you can rest assured that all of our expert audiologists are fully qualified, vastly experienced and regulated by the Health and Care Professionals Council along with being members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. At we also offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you aren’t happy with your hearing aid - although we are sure that you will be!

Hopefully, this has given you more of an idea about the hearing aid costs and prices that you can expect to pay from, and reasons why you should use, a private audiologist such as If you have any questions, or thoughts, or even just want a quick chat to find out more please just contact one of the friendly audiologists at who will be delighted to talk you through all of your options and can even arrange for a free hearing test ether next day or at a time to suit you.

Author: Paul Harrison

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