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Video 1 - Overview of hearing aids

Video transcript
If you're looking for information about hearing aids then you've come to the right place.

At Your Hearing we are committed to helping you find the best solution for your individual needs, without paying over the odds. We provide free, independent, impartial advice about the many different cosmetic styles and technologies available today. We publish our prices on this website and we believe our prices are amongst the lowest anywhere.

The prices we list include professional testing, fitting and all aftercare for the life of the hearing aids. All hearing aids are supplied by way of our network of over 150 independent, qualified, registered, hearing aid audiologists. We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and can even offer home visits at no extra cost.

Unlike most national companies we are not owned wholly or partially by any manufacturer so we're able to offer the full choice of all makes and models.

If you have a question, need some advice or want to find out more about our service then please feel free to call us.

Our call-handling staff are knowledgeable, friendly and are there to help find the best solution for you.


Video 2 - All hearing aid manufacturers are covered

Video transcript 
All hearing aid manufacturer’s hearing aids differ in the technologies and benefits that they offer. Some are better at producing cosmetic, invisible aids, some are best with wireless technology and some are better when more amplification is required.

Of each the big hearing aid manufacturers, they all offer something a little different.

In order to arrive at the best solution to your requirements, it is important to have as wide a choice as possible.

Most of the national retailers are either owned wholly or partially by a hearing aid manufacturer.

This can mean that they are less than impartial in their recommendations or that their choice may be restricted to one or two manufacturers.


Video 3 - Over 200 hearing aid audiologists

Video transcript

All our hearing aid audiologists are qualified and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

This qualification and registration is a legal requirement for them to be able to provide hearing aids so you can rest assured you are dealing with a true professional.


Video 4 - Full aftercare included

Video transcript

The prices of all our hearing aids include professional fitting and aftercare for the life of the hearing aids.

The first question many people ask is "how long does a hearing aid last"? This is very much dependent upon how well a hearing aid is looked after. Generally speaking you should expect to get around 5 years use out of your hearing aid and indeed most hearing aid manufacturers offer warranties up to 5 years. If you look after your hearing aids, there's no reason why they shouldn't last even longer. Many people choose to change their hearing aids after 3 or 4 years but this is usually because they want to upgrade to the very latest technology.

Another common question is "what exactly is aftercare"? Aftercare involves the hearing aid audiologist retesting your hearing periodically; reprogramming the hearing aids and also making sure your hearing aids are always performing at their best. This is all included in the price of the hearing aids and lasts for the lifetime of the hearing aids.


Video 5 - Nationwide coverage

Video transcript

Wherever you are in the UK or Ireland, Your Hearing will have a hearing care professional for you. We provide national coverage by way of around one hundred and fifty, local, qualified, hearing aid audiologists. In most areas, we have at least 2 or 3 hearing aid audiologists.

If you need a home visit then that's no problem and there's no cost. Many people prefer to have all their visits in the comfort, privacy and convenience of their own home.

Many hearing aids these days include wireless technology which can transmit the sound from televisions and telephones directly into the hearing aids - as if you were wearing headphones. Systems like these require a home visit to set them up in any case.


Video 6 - Understanding our price list

Video transcript

The price of private hearing aids varies enormously. Many companies do not publish their prices and simply say that their prices are say "from £495". The reality is that some of these companies can charge 5, 6, 7 or even 8 thousand pounds for a pair of hearing aids!

Our pricelist is clearly published on this website and we believe our prices are around the lowest in the UK.

As a general guide, a professionally fitted private hearing aid should cost between about five hundred pounds and one-and-a-half thousand pounds. If you need 2 hearing aids, as most people do, then the price would obviously be double.

The difference between the lower-cost hearing aids and the more expensive ones is down to the technology inside. Generally speaking, the price of hearing aids has nothing to do with either the power or the size of the hearing aid.

Most of the hearing aids on our price list are actually product ranges. We, therefore, do not charge more for better cosmetics or more powerful instruments.

Some companies offer "price match" schemes from time to time. We do not agree with this practice as the consumer will pay a higher price unless they are smart enough to shop around. We charge the lowest prices we can - all of the time - not just when we need to.

One final point to note is that all the hearing aids we provide are professionally fitted by qualified hearing aid audiologists and the prices include aftercare for the life of the hearing aids.


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Author: Paul Harrison

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