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Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids / Custom Hearing Aids

  • Oticon Own 3

Price Each £1295 | Price Pair £2395

Available In: ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC
5 year warranty included

Technology rating

Our price £1295

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Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids

Fitting:  Custom ITE

Technology Level:  Essential

Including Styles:  ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC

Introducing Oticon Own 3 hearing aids

Launching in October, Oticon Own revolutionises the world of hearing aids as the first-ever custom aid incorporating onboard Deep Neural Network AI technology (DNN), empowered by the renowned Polaris platform (originally featured in Oticon More). This advanced integration ensures exceptional recognition and understanding of everyday sounds beyond just speech. The network, built on 12 million global sounds recorded by Oticon, brings a truly immersive auditory experience.

Why Choose Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids?

With Oticon Own hearing aids, experience the most realistic listening encounters, as they embrace BrainHearing technology, aligning with your brain's natural workings. The result is a heightened perception of meaningful sounds, offering improved balance and clarity, enriching every aspect of life's auditory nuances.

Innovative MoreSound Amplifier

The MoreSound Amplifier is a remarkable feature that ensures a well-balanced and amplified soundscape, preserving essential details and sound contrasts. The innovative compression and amplification approach set it apart from conventional methods, delivering a highly customised listening experience.

Distinct Features for ITE Wearers

Unlike the More hearing aid range launched in 2021, which primarily targeted BTE model users, Oticon Own is specially designed for ITE hearing aid wearers. The Own 3 hearing aids offer essential performance, providing an ideal solution for individuals engaged in smaller social activities and spending more time at home. In comparison to Oticon Own 1, the Own 3 model offers fewer processing channels, fitting bands, and a reduced percentage in the Spatial Balancer feature.

Perfect Fit and Discretion

The emphasis on discreet hearing aid models is evident in Oticon's commitment to miniaturisation since the introduction of Oticon Opn ITE options. The result is a series of smaller, more inconspicuous ITE hearing aids, tailored to meet individual patient needs. Oticon Own 3 IIC hearing aids, in particular, boast near-invisibility in 9 out of 10 ears, validated by Oticon's White Papers. The achievement is attributed to the development of smaller components, improved software, and advanced processing techniques.

Wide Range of Styles, Colours, and Performance Levels

Oticon Own 3 hearing aids offer five ITE styles, each available in five distinct colors, spanning across five performance levels. The custom-molded fit ensures the most discreet and comfortable hearing aid shape, tailored to your unique ear shape and canal characteristics.

Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aid Styles:

Invisible in the Canal (IIC): A truly invisible non-wireless hearing aid, suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Water and dust resistant, powered by a size 10 battery.
Completely in the Canal (CIC): Non-wireless hearing aid slightly larger than IIC, suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Water and dust resistant, with a size 10 battery and optional push button. Includes binaural connection for improved directionality.
In the Canal (ITC): Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid powered by a size 312 battery. Features telecoil, water and dust resistance, and Telehealth. Optional push button and binaural connection between hearing aids for improved directionality.
In the Ear Full Shell (ITE FS): Ideal for those with dexterity issues, powered by a size 312 battery. Water and dust resistant, equipped with Bluetooth, Telecoil, Telehealth, suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Optional push button and binaural connection.
In the Ear Half Shell (ITE HS): Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, water and dust resistant, Bluetooth, Telecoil, Telehealth. Ideal for those with dexterity issues, with an optional push button and includes a binaural connection between hearing aids to improve directionality.

Vibrant Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aid Colours

Choose from Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, or transparent shells for your Oticon Own 3 hearing aids. Enjoy a broad range of options to match your personal style and preferences.

Key Features of Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids:

MoreSound Intelligence: Captures, optimises, and enhances sounds for comprehensive sound access and improved clarity of individual sounds.
Spatial Sound: Enhances awareness of surrounding sounds, allowing you to choose what to focus on. This feature builds upon directional strategies from Oticon Opn, offering nuanced sound without overwhelming.
MoreSound Amplifier: Balances amplification quickly and precisely, providing audibility and accessibility for individuals with hearing loss.

Why Choose Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids?

Oticon Own hearing aids are rapidly gaining recognition, drawing comparisons to Phonak Virto Paradise and Starkey Evolv AI due to their ITE model classification and similar price points. Notably, Oticon Own boasts a more advanced operating system featuring DNN and sophisticated AI processes, making it one of the most intelligent hearing solutions on the market with superior background noise processing.

Bluetooth Connectivity in Oticon Own 3 Hearing Aids

Bluetooth connectivity is available in the ITC and both ITE models. The IIC and CIC styles are non-wireless. The Oticon Own 3 hearing aids offer direct streaming to both iPhone and Android devices, enabling hands-free calls from iPhones and iPads using your hearing aids as personal headphones.

While none of the Oticon Own hearing aids are rechargeable, the two Bluetooth options offer the added telecoil feature, allowing you to choose between connectivity and this functionality to suit your preferences.


Other performance levels in the Oticon Own hearing aid range:

►Oticon Own 1 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 2 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 4 hearing aids

►Oticon Own 5 hearing aids

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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