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Starkey Genesis AI 20 Hearing Aids

  • Starkey Genesis AI 20

Price Each £1695 | Price Pair £3095

Behind the Ear & In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC
Rechargeable is an additional £100 per aid
5 Year Warranty Included

Technology rating

Our price £1695

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Overview of Starkey Genesis AI 20 Hearing Aids


In late October 2023, Starkey introduced the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid range, replacing the previous Evolv AI range from 2022. The Starkey Genesis AI 20 hearing aid models, including the RIC-RT, mRIC-R, rechargeable, and custom In Ear options, represent the advanced performance level within the series.

Neuro Sound Technology & Design

Featuring a blend of innovative features and advanced technology, the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids retain familiar elements that have gained popularity among wearers. The Neuro Sound Technology integrated into the processing chip, Neuro Sound, results in a notable increase in speed and capacity, with a fivefold expansion in computational memory and a tenfold surge in non-volatile memory.

This advanced processing power effectively compensates for auditory gaps caused by hearing loss, operating at an impressive rate of 80 million times per hour. Consequently, wearers can expect improved clarity in speech, heightened sensitivity to softer sounds, and reduced listening effort - ensuring optimal hearing experiences across various environments.

In terms of design, the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids boast a redesigned appearance, distinguishing themselves from earlier devices across both the Receiver in Canal and custom models, with the Receiver in Canal (RIC) model featuring a sleeker exterior. The integration of smaller components has led to a more compact overall design.

Battery Life & App

The battery life of the Starkey Genesis AI 20 models has been significantly enhanced, with the rechargeable battery offering up to 51 hours of usage on a single charge, while the more compact Genesis miniRIC model (mRIC) ensures a substantial 41 hours of power, providing extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, larger In-Ear devices offer an impressive 36 hours of battery life, setting a new standard for hearing aid battery capabilities.

The user-friendly approach is further reflected in the updated Starkey app, aimed at resolving previous complexities. This streamlined app prioritises the most valuable features for wearers, accompanied by simple 'how-to' videos for a more intuitive experience.

While maintaining the option of disposable or rechargeable batteries with extended lifespans, unchanged Bluetooth connectivity, and the essential Deep Neural Network (DNN) for background noise management, the Starkey Genesis AI 20 hearing aids deliver consistent performance and reliability.

Comparing the Genesis AI 20 with the 24

In comparison to the Genesis AI 24 models, the Genesis AI 20 hearing aids feature slightly fewer programming channels, wind noise reduction, and speech-in-noise reduction, while still offering Edge Mode+, transcription, and assistant features, albeit excluding tap control and translation capabilities.

The Models

The Starkey Genesis AI 20 hearing aid models continue the brand's legacy of reliability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring durability and comfort throughout extended daily use. The lineup includes various models, such as the Receiver in Canal devices, rechargeable In-Ear aids in full and half shell designs, as well as non-wireless Completely in Canal (CIC) and Invisible in the Canal (IIC) options.

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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