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Widex Moment Sheer 110

  • Widex Moment Sheer 110

Price Each £1095 | Price Pair £2095

Available in: RIC
5 Year Warranty Included. All Sheer aids are rechargeable so charger is included in the price

Technology rating

Our price £1095

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Widex Moment Sheer 110 Hearing Aids

Including Styles:  RIC 

Technology Level:  Essential

Including Styles:  RIC - sRIC R D

Introducing the Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aids

Introduced in September 2022, the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids mark a significant step forward for the brand, surpassing the earlier Moment hearing aid line as its flagship product. Currently, the Moment Sheer range is exclusively available in the Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid model, unlike the broader options of Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) devices offered by the original Moment series. However, this model limitation is expected to change by the end of the year.

The Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aids represent the advanced performance tier within this range, boasting six channels but lacking some of the features aimed at addressing background noise.

Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aid's focus

Notably, the emphasis of the Widex Moment Sheer series is directed towards sound quality and natural auditory experiences, as opposed to additional functionalities like transcription or fitness tracking. Widex's dedication to evolving sound quality has resulted in loyal customers who appreciate the brand's commitment.

With a focus on enhancing wearers' lifestyles and well-being, the Widex Moment Sheer line aims to provide a more supported hearing solution that deeply engages wearers and improves the overall quality of life. While hearing loss is complex and individual, the common goal remains to deliver the most authentic and natural sound experience possible.

An essential aspect of the design of Moment Sheer was optimizing the "first-fit" encounter. This initial fitting performed by audiologists significantly influences the wearer's hearing journey. A positive first-fit experience can be the key to initiating a successful hearing experience and an improved quality of life.

Key Features of the Widex Moment Sheer 110 Hearing Aids:

  • Suitable for varying degrees of hearing loss, from mild to profound.
  • The sleek design is exclusively available in the RIC R D model.
  • Features rechargeable capability.
  • Offers full compatibility with iOS and Android devices.
  • Boasts an IP68 protection rating.
  • Battery life ranges from approximately 29 hours without streaming to 16 hours with streaming.
  • Compatible with Widex TV Play and other DEX hearing aid accessories.
  • Supports the Widex Moment app.
  • Available in a selection of 13 distinct colors.

Technologically, the Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aids process sound at a rate five times faster than earlier models, resulting in reduced distortion. The devices also gather real-time app feedback from global wearers to refine their algorithms, enhancing sound quality.

When evaluating the Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aids alongside similar products like the Oticon More and Resound Omnia, it becomes evident that Widex's primary focus is on delivering superior sound quality. While some brands offer more advanced rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity, the Widex Moment Sheer line excels in personalised, clear, swift, and natural sound reproduction.

 What's included in the Widex Moment Sheer 110 hearing aids?

Although certain features available in the 440 model are absent in the Moment Sheer 110, such as Smartwind Manager, High Frequency Boost, Speech Enhancer, TruSound Softner, and SoundSense Adapt, the new model introduces improvements. These enhancements encompass additional parameters in MySound technology for adaptable AI personalisation, enhanced SoundRelax features, upgraded acoustically optimised ear tips, fitting recommendations, and a fresh, elegant design.

Other performance levels in the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid range:

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • Watch the Widex Moment Sheer hearing aid video below

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