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Phonak Slim L70 Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Slim L70

Price Each £1645 | Price Pair £2895

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC
5 Year Warranty Included. Charger included in the price

Technology rating

Our price £1645

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Phonak Slim L70 Hearing Aids

Including Styles:  RIC 

Technology Level:  Advanced

Models Available:  RIC - L70-R / L70-RT / L70-RL

Introducing the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids

The Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids boast a contemporary, sleek design coupled with cutting-edge Lumity technology. Representing the advanced technology level, these hearing aids offer an array of features tailored to enhance your hearing experience.

The ergonomic casing of the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids is thoughtfully contoured to fit comfortably behind the ear, naturally aligning with the shape of your head. This design is particularly advantageous for those who wear glasses or masks, ensuring a snug fit throughout the day. Embracing the latest trend in fashion hearing aids, Phonak Slim L70 showcases a stylish appearance that breaks away from traditional hearing aid aesthetics, taking inspiration from Signia's 2018 Styletto hearing aid launch.

Key features of the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids

SmartSpeech Technology: Powered by Phonak's AutoSense OS 5.0, this feature automatically adapts to your environment and hearing needs by reducing background noise in various ways. Each aspect of SmartSpeech Technology is designed to enhance speech understanding and reduce listening effort, even in challenging settings. Additionally, the Roger On feature further improves speech comprehension by providing stereo sound and accurately identifying the direction of sounds, ensuring clarity in dynamic noise environments.

StereoZoom 2.0: This intelligent feature adjusts the focus strength as background noise levels increase, resulting in a superior 2.5 dB signal-to-noise ratio for improved listening experiences.

Phonak Slim L70 hearing aid's specifications

The Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids are available in three attractive color options and incorporate the same advanced audiology technology found in the Phonak Lumity line. Powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, these hearing aids offer all-day usage with just three hours of charge in Phonak's portable charging case, though battery life may vary depending on streaming usage.

The Slim L70 model represents one of the top two technology levels, with the premium L90 performance being the other option. Notably, the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids do not include a telecoil feature, and the basic or economy levels are not available in this range.

Bluetooth technology is a prominent feature in the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids, akin to the Lumity line, allowing easy pairing with up to eight devices within your home, with two devices active simultaneously, streamlining the process of switching between different audio sources.

Health data tracking with the myPhonak App

Utilising the myPhonak app, users can access health data tracking features that contribute to overall well-being and hearing health. These features encompass step tracking, activity levels, self-set goals, and wearing time in common listening environments.

Additional features of the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids:

  • 20 Fine-tuning channels
  • Speech in loud noise
  • Music listening mode
  • Speech in 360°
  • Dynamic noise cancellation
  • Tap control for easy adjustments
  • SoundRelax for enhanced comfort

Comparison with Phonak L90 hearing aids

While the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids boast numerous advanced features, there are some exclusive features present in the L90 model that focus on speech in specific challenging environments like cars and loud noise. The L70 model also does not include newer background noise-focused features such as StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor, which were initially introduced in the Lumity series. Moreover, features like Comfort in Echo and EchoBlock are not included in the Phonak Slim L70 hearing aids.


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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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