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Boots Hearing Care – David Ormerod Hearing Centres

In 2012, David Ormerod Hearing Centres were purchased outright by Sonova Holdings. Sonova Holdings also own the hearing aid manufacturers Phonak and Unitron. For obvious reasons there’s a pretty good chance they’re going to recommend Phonak hearing aids to you. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with Phonak hearing aids, they’re just not the only ones out there. In February 2013, Boots purchased a minority shareholding in DOHC.If you’ve been to Boots for a hearing test then you may be forgiven for thinking that you’re dealing with Boots themselves. 

This is actually a franchise operated within Boots stores called David Ormerod Hearing Centres Ltd. They operate within Boots stores that have an opticians – not just a pharmacy and also within a handful of hospitals.

Looking back over the last 20 years or so, Boots originally provided hearing aids in their stores. This then ceased for several years. In the early 2000s Boots began selling behind the ear hearing aids only plus one unusual hearing aid, the Songbird. This was a disposable hearing aid that was purchased on a monthly basis – a bit like contact lenses.

Unfortunately, this product did not live up to expectations in terms of performance and comfort and was subsequently withdrawn. ( I understand the Songbird has been resurrected in a different form but is no longer available in the UK).

From time to time, many companies offer discounted prices on older technology. It is worthwhile double checking that you have indeed been quoted for current technology and not products that have been superseded.

On average, a hearing aid manufacturer will update their range every 3 years so it’s worth asking the question “how long has this model been on the market”? If you’ve been quoted for hearing aids from Boots (David Ormerod Hearing Centres) we are confident that our prices are more competitive so please compare to our price list by clicking here.  All our prices include all testing, fitting and full aftercare for the life of the hearing aids

Author: Paul Harrison