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Boots Hearing Care UK – David Ormerod Hearing Centres


Boots HearingCare is one of the largest private suppliers of hearing aids in the UK. They have over 400 Boots Hearingcare shops nationwide.

Boots hearing aids are actually provided by a franchise called David Ormerod Hearing Centres. This franchise is a Sonova Group company and in 2013 Boots Hearing Care acquired a 49% minority stake in the David Ormerod company. Sonova Group owns the hearing aid manufacturers Phonak and Unitron, along with the lesser-known names Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and Audio Nova Group.

You might be wondering why we’re telling you this, but this financial investment from Boots HearingCare means that when you visit a Boots Hearing Care shop you may find that you are steered towards a hearing aid from either Phonak or Unitron.

Both of these manufacturers make some great hearing aids, however, there are in fact 8 main hearing aid manufacturers in total and you may find that a hearing aid from one other than Phonak or Unitron would be a better fit for you. Bearing this in mind you may find that visiting an independent private audiologist such as Your Hearing, may give you a better choice of hearing aids.

Boots hearing aid costs

Boots hearing aids costs are generally comparable to many of the other multi-national chains of private audiologists. Boots' digital hearing aid prices are divided into their Essentials range, which offers more basic hearing aids costing up to around £2,000 for two hearing aids. Or their Premium range which can cost over £3,000 for a pair.

However it is important to note that Boots hearing aids prices are nearly always higher than the hearing aids prices we offer at Your Hearing - along of course with the more independent advice that we guarantee to provide. This is because Boots has to include the overhead costs of large stores, expensive marketing and advertising campaigns, and the costs of Boots HearingCare’s numerous employees.

Obviously, the choice is yours, but you may find that Boots hearing aids will either cost you more than for the exact same aid from an independent private audiologist or if you feel that you are being offered a cheap deal from one of the Boots hearing aid offers, then ensure that you are being offered a choice from the full range of hearing aids available, not a model which is soon to be superseded as they may be trying to get rid of old stock.

At Your Hearing, we are committed to clearly stating which hearing aids feature old or new technology and making our recommendations based entirely on your needs.  If you have recently had a test at Boots and want to get a second opinion about any advice you have been given, call us on 0800 567 7721. Our phone lines are almost always manned by an audiologist.

Boots hearing aid choices

Boots hearing aid choices include most of the different hearing aid types. This includes Behind the Ear (BTE) and Receiver in Canal (RIC) hearing aids and also Boots hidden hearing aids, Boots invisible hearing aids and the rest of the full range of Boots digital hearing aids. They also offer a full range of Boots hearing aid accessories such as hearing aid batteries, cleaning and maintenance supplies and hearing aid compatible mobile and home telephones.

In a similar vein to the excellent aftercare package included with all Your Hearing, Boots the chemist hearing aids are available with a full aftercare package, which includes; follow-up appointments, reassessments, six-monthly check ups and service appointments. 

Also following the example set by Your Hearing, at Boots Hearingcare you will pay the same price for the type of hearing aid that you prefer from your chosen range. This means that Boots invisible hearing aids costs are the same as all of the other types of Boots hidden hearing aids or BTE or RIC versions. Although again it is worth ensuring that you are being offered options from the full range of available hearing aids, not simply being steered towards those from Phonak and Unitron in whom Boots Hearing Care has a financial investment.

Taking all of this into account, in general, we have always found that even when there are Boots hearing aid offers, Boots hearing aid sales, Boots half price hearing aids, Boots hearing aids with ⅓ off or Boots 2 for 1 hearing aids, Boots hearing aid prices are almost always higher than those that we offer at Your Hearing unless it is outdated technology they are selling, so be sure to check.

Boots hearing aid reviews

Boots hearing aids reviews and Boots hearing test reviews tend to be mixed. Many customers rate Boots hearing aids, however, there are often concerns about Boots hearing aid prices, which as we have mentioned tend to be higher than those offered by independent private audiologists such as Your Hearing. Boots hearing aid costs tend to be higher as they have the overheads of large stores, advertising campaigns and sales staff to include in their Boots hearing aid prices.

Hearing aids at Boots can be bought by going into the store or booking your initial appointment at Boots hearings aids offer both an online hearing check to get you started and also free in store hearing tests which will give you a more thorough view of your potential hearing requirements.

Here at Your Hearing, we find that online hearing tests are little more than a gimmick and so would prefer to connect you with one of our network of qualified independent local audiologists who will provide a full and thorough hearing test completely free of charge, either at their premises or many are happy to visit you at home. This means that you know exactly what you are dealing with from the outset.

Boots hearing care grew out of the success of Boots opticians; hearing aids then seemed like a natural step. Many people believe that Boots hearing aid prices and Boots invisible hearing aid prices, in particular, are some of the cheapest on the high street. However, hearing aids from Boots will cost you more than if you buy from an independent private audiologist such as Your Hearing.

Your Hearing is also not tied to any specific manufacturers, such as Boots Hearing Care is with Phonak and Unitron.

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Author: Paul Harrison

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