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Phonak Virto Paradise P90 Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Virto Paradise P90

Price Each £1795 | Price Pair £3195

In the Ear
Fitting Styles: ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC
5 Year Warranty Included
Titanium models an additional £100 per aid.

Technology rating

Our price £1795

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Phonak Virto Paradise P90 Hearing Aids

Available In:  ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC

technology Level:  Premium

Models Available:  Titanium / 312 Bluetooth / 312 NW / 10 NW


An introduction to Phonak Virto Paradise P90 hearing aids

Virto Paradise launched on the 20th of May 2022 and the P90 is the premium technology level available by Phonak, which means you'll get all of the features available in this range. 

This model combines discretion for wearers, includes the powerful PRISM chip, proven Paradise technology and great speech understanding.  Why is this good for your hearing?  It will help you to understand soft speech from a distance in a quiet environment, which is a common challenge for those with hearing loss.

Phonak tackles this with their Speech Enhance technology, which boosts the soft speech.  This is also said to help you distinguish between music and speech.  So ultimately you will benefit from a seamless hearing experience.

Virto Paradise P90 are custom-made hearing aids

The Virto Paradise P-312 hearing aids are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones (MFA) and all the ITE models are compatible with a variety of hearing loss levels.  It is important to mention that because Paradise offers huge improvements since Marvel, we wouldn't recommend investing in a ITE hearing aid from the Marvel range.  This means that the Phonak M and B-Titanium hearing aids are superseded by the Virto P model (only available in P90 and P70).

Virto Paradise P90 includes the PRISM processing chip

One of the main advantages of this model is the chipset giving wearers the power they need to support the original Phonak Paradise features and to power the new ones.  For example, the Motion Sensors provide sound and speech focus when on the move, especially one you are talking to someone else. 

Giving you much more clarity and focus of conversation in both noise and movement with the most natural sound possible.  The motion sensors also power the tap control features in this hearing aid range.

Virto Paradise P90 hearing aid connectivity 

Unlike the Marvel ITE options, you can now benefit from two smartphones connected to your Virto P-312 hearing aids and switch easily without having to disconnect a pairing.  Ideal if you have a work phone.  Bluetooth is a lot more reliable and convenient now, with multiple connections (upto 8) and two can be paired at the same time.

Models available:
  • Virto P 10 NW (non-wireless):  CIC type hearing aid
  • Virto P 312 NW (non-wireless):  ITC type hearing aid
  • Virto P 312 (Bluetooth):  ITE type hearing aid
  • Virto P Titanium:  IIC type hearing aid (only available in P90 and P70)
myPhonak app features:
1.  Remote Control:  Control volume, programs, sound, create a hearing profile, control speech focus and noise cancellation.
2.  Remote Support:  Real-time adjustments, video support with your local audiologist, upgrades and appointment bookings.
3.  Hearing Diary:  Record hearing challenges and set up hearing goals.
4.  My Hearing Aids:  Connectivity status, wearing time, battery status and much more. 

Other Technology levels in the Phonak Virto Paradise hearing aid range:

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • Watch the Phonak Virto Paradise P90 hearing aid video below

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