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Signia 5IX Styletto Hearing Aids

  • Signia Styletto 5IX

£1595 per aid | £2895 pair

Fitting Styles: RIC

5 Year Warranty Included. These are rechargeable and price includes charging station.

Style: Behind the Ear

Technology rating

Our price £1595

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Signia Styletto 5IX Hearing Aids Product Overview

Including Styles:  RIC 

Technology Level:  Mid-level

Models Available:  Styletto 5IX/ 5IX Slim RIC

Introduction to Signia Styletto 5IX Hearing Aids

The Signia Styletto 5IX hearing aids are notable for their sleek, stylish, and comfortable design, distinguishing them from typical models. These hearing aids are equipped with advanced technology to keep users engaged in conversations, even in noisy environments. This is accomplished through the powerful combination of Signia Integrated Xperience and RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, ensuring connectivity regardless of the surroundings.

Advanced Technology

Signia Styletto 5IX hearing aids leverage Signia Integrated Xperience technology, which adapts to your surroundings in real-time. This advanced technology allows for a truly personalised hearing experience. The RealTime Conversation Enhancement ensures seamless connectivity, allowing users to stay engaged in conversations even when not directly facing the speaker or turning their heads.

Design and Comfort

The Styletto 5IX hearing aids feature a sleek, ultra-slim profile that takes up minimal space behind the ear. This design ensures comfortable wear, even with glasses, making it an excellent choice for users seeking both style and comfort.

Connectivity and Control

These hearing aids offer Bluetooth streaming for both iPhone and Android (ASHA), along with hands-free calling for iPhone users. They are also future-ready with LE Audio, which will be available through a future upgrade.

Mobile App

Users can easily adjust settings to fit their unique hearing needs using a user-friendly mobile app. This feature provides personalised control, ensuring an optimal hearing experience tailored to individual preferences.

Battery and Charging

The Signia Styletto 5IX hearing aids come with a full-day rechargeable battery. They include a pocket-sised wireless Styletto Charger, which offers up to five full charges without needing to be plugged in. This adds a level of convenience for users who are constantly on the move.

Suitable for Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

The Styletto 5IX hearing aids are designed to accommodate individuals with mild to severe hearing loss. They offer a combination of comfort, style, and advanced features, making them suitable for a wide range of users.

Colours and Accessories

The Styletto 5IX hearing aids are available in various colours, including Black & Black Gloss, Black & Silver, Black & Graphite, Cosmic Blue & Rose Gold, Snow White & Silver, Snow White & Rose Gold, and Snow White & Snow White Gloss. They come with the portable Signia Styletto charger and are compatible with accessories like StreamLine Mic, StreamLine TV, and miniPocket.

What you lose

For a fully-featured experience, it is recommended to consider the 7IX or at least the 5IX model. However, for those with more limited social interactions, the 3IX still offers reasonable speech intelligibility. The 7IX model can process very high pitches up to 12kHz, which is not available in the 5IX and 3IX models.

At a Glance

- Stylish and comfortable design

- Advanced RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology

- Full-day rechargeable battery with portable charging case

- Suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

- Personalised control and superior connectivity

Other technology levels in the Signia Styletto IX hearing aid range:

►Signia Styletto 7IX hearing aid

►Signia Styletto 3IX hearing aids

Signia Styletto 7IX chargerSignia Styletto 7IX app 

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Key Features

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