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Unitron Vivante / Moxi V-RS 7 Hearing Aids

  • Unitron Vivante Moxi / Stride V7

Price Each £1645 | Price Pair £2895

5 Year Warranty Included
Available in: RIC, BTE

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Our price £1645

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Unitron Vivante Moxi / Stride V7 Overview

The Vivante hearing aid range now features the Unitron Moxi V-R and Moxi V-RT, both known for their ultra-thin rechargeable designs that seamlessly blend style and comfort with advanced functionality. With four levels of technology in the range, unlike the Unitron Vivante 9 which has 8 listening environments, this model offers 6 versatile listening environments to accommodate your listening needs.

These rechargeable options, Moxi V-R and Moxi V-RT, add a layer of convenience for users. The hearing aids come with a user-friendly charging case that employs a magnetic pull design, facilitating easy insertion and removal of the devices.

While lacking some of the more sophisticated features found in the Vivante 9, such as the 360 conversation in car manual program and HyperFocus feature, these models still incorporate advanced listening technology. The AutoFocus 360 feature enhances speech clarity in challenging listening scenarios by dynamically reducing background noise when speech is in front of the user.

Additionally, the Natural Sound Balance adaptive feature ensures a balanced and natural sound mix by monitoring and adjusting the relationship between the amplified sound path and the direct sound path. The Speech Enhancement feature, another adaptive addition, identifies speech and increases gain based on the dominant signal, preventing loudness tolerance issues and providing users with an optimal hearing experience. Overall, the Vivante Moxi V9-R and Moxi V9-RT strike a balance between advanced technology and user-friendly design.

This hearing aid is designed for universal compatibility and incorporates hands-free technology, enabling seamless connectivity to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It is fully compatible with a range of Unitron accessories, including the Remote Control, PartnerMic, TV Connector, and Roger Direct.

At a Glance:

- The ultra-thin, rechargeable design is stylish and comfortable hearing aids that prioritise functionality.

- Multiple Listening Environments offer 6 listening environments for versatile use.

- The user-friendly charging case comes with magnetic pull design for effortless insertion and removal of hearing devices.

- Natural Sound Balance adaptive feature monitors and adjusts for a natural and balanced sound mix.

- Speech Enhancement prevents loudness tolerance issues for optimal hearing.

- Bluetooth streaming and handsfree calling.

Models available:

Stride V-PR - Rechargeable BTE 

Stride V-UP - Disposable power BTE with telecoil 

Moxi V-RS - Slim RIC

Moxi V-R - Rechargeable RIC

Moxi V-RT - Rechargeable RIC with telecoil

Moxi V-312 - Disposable RIC

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Unitron Vivante Moxi StrideUnitron Vivante Moxi Stride

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • Watch the new Vivante Stride video here:

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