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Oticon Intent 3 Hearing Aids

  • Oticon Intent 3

Price Each £ 1495 | Price Pair £2795

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC
5 year warranty included.

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Our price £1495

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Intent 3 Hearing Aids Overview


Introducing Oticon Intent 3 hearing aids, launched in February 2024, including miniRITE model, Oticon's smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid to date. Oticon Intent featuring a telecoil, a large lithium-ion battery, touch control, and a push button are ideal for any level of hearin loss. The Intent 3 is the third technology level out of four.


Oticon's original DNN technology, built on insights from over 12 million sound inputs, is elevated with the new DNN 2.0. This advancement widens the scope for differing listening situations, emulating the brain's functionality for a more accurate representation of sound and enhanced access to speech, particularly in challenging acoustic environments.

MoreSound Technology 

MoreSound  Intelligence 3.0 delivers up to 12-decibel noise suppression, giving improved engagement in challenging, noisy situations. Oticon asserts that these features contribute to a 35% increase in speech cues, elevating clarity and conversation quality.

The Technology at a Glance:

AI Technology: Leveraging DNN 2.0 for a better understanding of environments and improved speech clarity in background noise.

Connectivity: Addresses previous consumer concerns by introducing Bluetooth LE and Auracast for future-proof connectivity.

Rechargeability: Reduced charging time with a convenient quick charge feature.

Versatility: Suited for various hearing loss levels with customizable receivers.

Offering enhanced rechargeability compared to previous models, Oticon Intent 3 hearing aids provide a full charge in just 2 hours for 20 hours of power. A 1-hour charge yields 16 hours of power, and a quick 15-minute boost provides four additional hours.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Maximize your hearing aid experience with discreet control, personalised soundscapes, and access to support from your audiologist through the Companion and ON apps. Oticon Intent hearing aids are also compatible with various accessories: ConnectClip, TV Adapter 3.0, Remote Control 3.0, EduMic, and Phone Adapter 2.0. Mobile compatibility includes iOS 16 or later and Android 13 or later.

The Oticon Intent 3 hearing aids are available in a range of colours: chroma beige, silver grey, silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, steel grey, diamond black, honey beige, and sky blue.

What you lose: 

- Absence of sensor technology at this performance level.

- Reduced spatial balance and noise suppression compared to levels 1 and 2. Consider performance levels 1 or 2 if frequently exposed to noisy environments for premium speech understanding in such conditions.

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Oticon IntentOticon Intent

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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