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Rexton BiCore 30 Hearing Aids

  • Rexton BiCore 30/ BiCore Slim 30

£895 per aid | £1595 per pair

Behind the Ear & In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE, ITE, ITC

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable at no extra cost.

Technology rating

Our price £895

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Overview Rexton BiCore 30 Hearing Aids


The Rexton BiCore hearing aid range is engineered to revolutionise the auditory experience for wearers, providing simultaneous perception of background noise and speech while maintaining focus on desired conversations. This is made possible through the innovative Speech Preservation Technology, which reduces unwanted noise and preserves speech clarity.


Advanced Sound Processing

Powered by Rexton's BiCore technology, these hearing aids utilise advanced sound processing to reconstruct the wearer's environment, offering a clear and accurate soundscape. The Speech Preservation Technology ensures that speech sounds are maintained amidst background noise, enhancing overall listening comfort and comprehension.


Versatile Features

In addition to Speech Preservation Technology, the BiCore 30 hearing aids boast a range of beneficial features, including voice recognition, real-time motion sensors, and tinnitus control. Available in various models and colors, including rechargeable options with extended battery life, they are compatible with both Android and Apple devices for seamless connection and audio streaming.


Automatic Adaptation

Equipped with binaural links that synchronise left and right devices, the BiCore 30 hearing aids automatically adapt to changes in sound environments, providing optimal performance in various listening situations. 


Robust and Reliable Design

Lifeproof construction using robust materials and rigorous testing ensures the durability and reliability of Rexton BiCore 30 hearing aids, making them ideal for wearers who require dependable performance in challenging environments. 


Models include:

Choose from a range of BiCore 30 models to suit individual preferences and requirements, including R-Li M Rugged BTE, R 312 RIC, R-Li and R-Li T RIC, and Custom Li In-Ear variants, each offering unique benefits such as water resistance, extended battery runtimes, and direct audio streaming compatibility with iOS and Android devices. 

Wireless and Bluetooth Connectivity

Rexton BiCore hearing aids offer seamless wireless connectivity for audio streaming and the Rexton App for remote adjustments and virtual appointments with audiologists

Ther is a range of convenient accessories including:

-Smart Transmitter 2.4,

-Smart Mic,

-Smart Key for convenient control 


What you lose:

For those seeking advanced speech recognition in challenging listening environments, the top two performance levels (80 or 60) are recommended. However, levels 40, 30 (BiCore 30), or 20 may suffice for individuals with less social lifestyles, offering reasonable speech intelligibility tailored to specific hearing needs.


Other Technology levels in the Rexton BiCore hearing aid range:

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Rexton BicoreRexton Bicore

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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