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Signia 3AX | Pure, Insio, Styletto C&G, Pure 312 Hearing Aids

  • Signia 3AX  |  Pure, Insio, Styletto C&G, Pure 312

Price Each £1295 | Price Pair £2195

5 year warranty included

Rechargeable at no extra cost (Desktop version only) Charging system upgrades available

Available only in: RIC, ITE, ITC

Technology rating

Our price £1295

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Details & Features

Signia Charge&Go 3AX Hearing Aids (3 T AX Only available in the Pure Charge&Go model)

Including Pure 312 3AX, Pure Charge&Go 3AX and Insio Charge&Go 5AX (ITE & ITC).

Available only in:  RIC 

1st November 2021 Update:  Signia Pure 312 5AX hearing aids - alternative 312 traditional battery-operated Pure device and Insio Charge&Go AX in both ITE and ITC styles.

Charging system prices (availability varies with each model):

  • Original desktop charger - No extra cost.
  • Charge&Go case - Additional £100.
  • Dry&Charge system - Additional £200.
The Insio AX also incorporates the successful Augmented Xperience platform that was first introduced in the Signia Pure Charge&Go AX range in May 2021. This platform offers a unique hearing experience within a high-end hearing device.  Resulting in a reduction in hearing effort and more clear speech in conversation - even on the go and in any hearing situation. 
Signia Styletto 3AX launched on 1st November 2021 and welcomed the same award-winning design only smaller and more discreet.  Like all of the Signia AX products - they include the Augmented Xperience platform.

Launching in May 2021, the Signia Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aid range introduced Augmented technology to the industry.  Hearing isn’t always easy. A big group of people talking at the same time, softly spoken talkers, too much background noise.  Sometimes sounds blend together making it impossible to focus on what you want to hear.  

The 3AX is the introductory performance level in this hearing aid range and even though you are missing out on a few features, it has some great technology.  It all depends on what you want out of your hearing aids -  But, what do you miss out on with the 3AX?

Comparing the Signia Pure Charge&Go 3AX to the 7AX - What do you lose?

  1. Extended Bandwith: This is used to enhance the processing of high-frequency speech and environmental sounds.
  2. EchoShield: A dedicated program for reverberant environments.
  3. Spatial SpeechFocus:  This steers the directional beam to the left, right, or behind the wearer automatically in a car situation, or in a dedicated "Strolling" program.
  4. Spatial Configurator:  A part of the Signia app that allows the wearer to adjust the direction of the microphone beam.

What is Augmented Technology and what does it mean for you?

Augmented Xperience changes the way your clients hear the world. Instead of them having to strain to discern speech from background noise, our new platform uses proprietary Augmented Focus technology to process the two separately and create a clear contrast. It then recombines them to deliver outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive soundscape.

What about rechargeability and connectivity?

The hearing aids' state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity supports Mfi (iOS), and ASHA (Android) so wearers can stay connected with ease.  

The Li-ion power cell of Pure Charge&Go AX delivers up to 24 hours of use on a single charge including 5 hours of streaming for complete flexibility on the move.

The impressive Li-ion power cell of Pure Charge&Go T AX delivers up to 36 hours of use on a single charge including 5 hours of streaming, making it an attractive option for wearers of Power devices, with a strong demand on runtime due to high amplification, and wearers who like to stream a lot of TV audio, music and phone calls via Bluetooth.

What models are available?

Pure Charge&Go AX is also available as a CROS device. And the new Pure Charge&Go T AX features a T-coil for those who want the support of an induction loop system.  As well as the original colours, Signia has introduced two new ones - fine gold and graphite to the collection.

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**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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