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Widex Evoke 440 hearing aids

  • Evoke 440

Price for one - £1595 | Price for a pair - £2695
This is the 2018 model and replaced the Widex "Beyond" and "Unique" ranges.

Technology rating

High Street Price £2400

Our price £1595

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The Evoke 440 hearing aid is the premium model from Widex's 2018 range.

As the 440 is the top model, it is mainly designed for those who lead an active lifestyle and spend time in difficult to hear in environments. If you lead a quieter life than this then you may want to look at the lower models in the range, the Evoke 330 or Evoke 220.

The Evoke features a brand new chip set, not seem in any of their previous aids, which will hopefully help Widex put the problems of the last few years firmly behind them after the poor reception of the Widex Unique and Widex Beyond ranges. Though it is hard to say at this point, we expect the launch of the Evoke to be Widex's last before they merge with Sivantos, the company who manufactures Signia (previously known as Siemens) hearing aids.

What does it look like?

The Evoke 440 comes in every form factor Widex produce.

For the full functionality of the product, including the "Machine Learning" feature, you need to get the larger of the RIC (receiver in canal) models the "Evoke 440 Fusion 2". If machine learning and connectivity are not important to you, then you may want to look at the slimmer "Evoke 440 Passion" model - that's the one on the far right of the picture above. Still in my opinion one of the neatest and most attractive shapes available. The full range of in-ear custom made hearing aids is also available, from CIC to full shell.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is down as being the Evoke's stand out feature that no other hearing aids has. But what is it?

Even if you're in the industry as we are, it's taken quite some research and the navigating of much marketing "fluff" to work out exactly what it does and to discern the benefits.

Customers have told us that they have had machine learning described as "Adjusts itself automatically, depending on what environment you are in." and "Remembers your preferences when you adjust the hearing aid from your smartphone." and a number of other things. Yes the Evoke does this, but so do most other modern hearing aids.

The reality of machine learning in the Widex Evoke is that the companion app on your smartphone will ask you questions intermittently as to which setting is better, A or B, a bit like an optician does towards the end of a sight test. It then feeds this information back to Widex so that it can make improvements to it's products over time. Useful to Widex certainly, but not as groundbreaking as I would have hoped for the wearer.

Machine learning is available only to smartphone users who have the Evoke Fusion 2 model, not the Fashion, Passion, Power or the custom in-ear models.


The Evoke 440 Fusion 2 is also compatible with the Z-power rechargeable system. 

Main Technical details

  • 15 Channel aid
  • 11 sound classes in it's automatic setting
  • 5 definable programs for those who want manual control
  • Smartwind manager - Decent wind noise reduction
  • Extended high frequencies, beyond speech frequencies

Optional Accessories

  • Television streamer
  • Basic mobile phone streamer
  • Smart phone streamer
  • Remote microphone
  • FM streamer
  • Remote control
  • Compatible cordless phone

Author: David Roberts

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