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  • Private Hearing Aids vs NHS Hearing Aids December 14, 2021 by Paul Harrison

    Once you know if you need hearing aids, you will need to decide whether to opt for private aids or aids through the NHS.

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  • Common Signs You Are Suffering From Hearing Loss March 16, 2021 by Paul Harrison

    You may be able to hear people but not understand everything they are saying, making you feel out of sync with the conversation. You might get the wrong end of the stick in conversations and get frustrated with people...

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  • Hearing Loss and Dementia March 18, 2021 by Paul Harrison

    There’s been a lot of talk in the papers and on the internet about links between hearing loss and dementia. There were even cases in the past of people being misdiagnosed with dementia when they had hearing loss...

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  • Auditory Deprivation June 30, 2021 by Paul Harrison

    If someone loses their hearing, and doesn’t get treatment, this can cause auditory deprivation. The hearing nerves and cells in the brain cannot detect any sound, so they stop being active...

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  • Loud Music and Hearing Loss February 24, 2021 by Paul Harrison

    Do you ever have muffled hearing after being at a nightclub? Do you have ringing in your ears after listening to loud music...

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