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Bernafon Juna 7 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Juna 7

Price for one - £1195 | Price for a pair - £2295
The Bernafon Juna 7 is the second to top hearing aid in Bernafon's newest range.

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High Street Price £2000

Our price £1195

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The Juna 7 is the number two hearing aid from Bernafon. This aid is most suitable for people who spend time in moderately loud background noise situations and need to hear clearly when they are in these difficult and noisy social environments. This aid is significantly less expensive than the top model the Juna 9 and below we will focus on the differences between them to help you to work out the best option for you.

juna 7

What it has

The Juna 7 has most of the core features of the Juna 9 including ChannelFree and Speech Cue Priority. It handles background and wind noise in the same fashion and is successful at suppressing the noises you don't want whilst promoting the important speech sounds. It also has the rather clever Intelligent Volume Control (I-VC) and has exactly the same options for wireless connectivity and accessories.

What it doesn't have

The main features that aren't available on the Juna 7 that its big brother the Juna 9 does have are these;

The Adaptive Noise Reduction feature is a little less sophisticated and doesn't have the "Ultra Comfort" mode which helps in the very noisiest environments. No "Comfort in Airplane" setting either, so if you are a frequent flier, the Juna 9 may be a better choice.

No Reverb Reduction, which is a shame. Echoey rooms will still sound echoey with the Juna 7.

Adaptive Directionality, not "True Directionality" which means that the aids are a little less clever at focusing the direction of your hearing to home in on speech sounds.

Smart VC - the Juna 9 can learn from what you do so that if you make volume adjustments, it remembers and adapts in the future. We don't consider this to be an especially important feature, but the Juna 7 doesn't have it.


The Juna 7 is available in both ITE (In the ear) and BTE (Behind the ear) models. The most popular style is the RIC (Receiver in Canal) which is the NR model below.

Juna 7 range

Author: David Roberts

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