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Bernafon Verite Hearing Aids Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

The Bernafon Verite, Veras and Chronos family of hearing aids are produced by the Danish manufacturer Bernafon.  Please note that the Bernafon Veras range have been superseded by the Bernafon Chronos.  The Verite is available in 3 levels of technology, the Verite 9 (Premium level technology), Verite 7 (Mid level technology) and the Verite 5 (entry level technology).


The Bernafon Verite is essentially the RITE (receiver in the ear) style of the Chronos.


The Verite hearing aids boast a comprehensive and impressive range of features including Bernafon channel free digital signal processing which improves speech intelligibility in different listening situations.


The Verite 9 has 11 listening program options and a live music channel to enhance music listening.  The Verite 7 has 10 listening programs and the Verite 5 has 8 listening options.


Feedback cancellation helps to eliminate feedback (whistling).  360˚ sound localizations helps to locate sounds.  Sound is also perceived as naturally as possible.


The Chronos 9 and Verite 9 sound processing automatically adjusts to all listening situations whether in a noisy or quiet environment ensuring sound comfort.


Dependent on the technology level, for binaural wearers the Verite has  binaural co-ordination of volume control, program change, environmental classification, feedback cancellation and non-phone ear attenuation (lessens noise input in the non-phone ear when on the telephone).


Optional adaptors give wireless Bluetooth connectivity to TV, telephone and audio sources.  There is also the option of a remote control meaning you can operate your hearing instrument at the touch of a button.


For the fashion conscious the Verite is available in an exciting range of colours so whether you like bright colours or prefer something more subtle there is a colour for you.


In summary the Bernafon Verite is a hearing aid which contains some impressive features and suitable for up to a severe to profound hearing loss. 


If you would like to know more about the Bernafon Verite contact our advisers on freephone 0800 567 7621 and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Author: Paul Harrison

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