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Bernafon Viron 9 miniRITE / miniRITE T / miniRITE T R / BTE 105 Hearing Aids

  • Viron 9 miniRITE / miniRITE T / miniRITE T R / BTE

Price Each £1695 | Price Pair £2995

Rechargeable version an additional £100 per aid

5 year warranty included

Available in only: BTE, RIC

Technology rating

Our price £1695

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Details & Features

Bernafon Viron 9 miniRITE / miniRITE T / miniRITE T R / BTE 105 Hearing Aids

Available in only:  BTE, RIC RIC

|  2021 Update:  This hearing aid has been superseded by Bernafon Alpha

|  2019 Update:   Bernafon have incorporated freshly patented feedback cancellation system, which is also available in a new rechargeable version.

Viron 9 is the top level of technology in this hearing aid family.  It is also hailed, at the time of launching, the 'first hearing aid with True Environment Processing'.  This range comes in three specifications - Viron 9, Viron 7 and Viron 3.

The True Environment Processor allows for a more natural sound in all hearing situations.  A sound that is true, has better speech understanding in conversations and decreased listening effort.

Main Features

True Environment Processing

Together with DECS, this new chip platform offers ultra-fast sound discovery and processing.  Resulting in you gaining from accurate information about your soundscape, as it unfolds before you.  Here are some statistics:

  • Acoustic feedback detection - Up to 126,000 measurements per second
  • Amplification adjustment - 20,000 times per second
  • Soundscape detection - 32,000 data points per second
Dynamic Feedback Canceller

This is a new feature of the DECS technology.  It offers to help reduce static in challenging situations by scanning and analysing to ultimately reduce everyday feedback.
2.4 GHz and NFMI dual-radio technology
Easily connect to all smartphones and Bluetooth devices to stream calls, videos and music.  Other accessories include:
  • EasyControl-A
  • RC-A remote control
  • SoundClip-A
  • TV-A
  • TV in Dolby Digital
**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

What it looks like


Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

  • View the Bernafon Viron Video Below

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