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Oticon Dual Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

Please note that the Dual range of hearing aids have now been superseded and are listed for insurance claim purposes.


For the equivalent hearing aid please see the Oticon Acto Pro for the Oticon Dual M9 Hearing Aids, the Oticon Acto for the Oticon Dual M7 Hearing Aids or Oticon Ino Pro for the Oticon Dual M5 Hearing Aids.


Oticon Dual range is produced by the Danish manufacturer Oticon.  The Dual is available in 3 levels of technology, Dual M9 (Plus 9K) (top level), Dual M7 (Plus 7K) (Mid level technology or the Dual M5K (Plus 5K) (entry level technology). 


Launched in 2008 the Dual mini is a RITE hearing aid with a discrete design that encompasses the power of two hearing devices to give a natural and best sound.


The Dual M9 has 10 channels and 5 programs, Dual 7 has 8 channels and 5 programs and Dual 5 has 6 channels and 3 programs.


For binaural wearers the two hearing aids work with binaural synchronisation in a very similar way that peoples ears do in nature


There are also assisted listening devices available called the Oticon ConnectLine system that can be combined with your hearing aids which enables the user to listen to music, landline telephone or TV much more clearly by beaming the sound direct to the hearing aids therefore helping to cut out other background noise.  This also works like a remote control allowing the wearer to control their hearing aids at the touch of a button!


There is a moisture and wax protection nano coating on the Dual which helps to protect the hearing aid from moisture and condensation.


The Dual has a noise suppressor feature to help eliminate the noise of the wind when outdoors.


For the fashion conscious the Dual is available in an exciting range of colours.


In summary the Oticon Dual M9 is the top of the Dual range of hearing aids, Dual M7 is mid-range and Dual M5 is entry level range.


If you would like to know more about the Oticon Dual range of hearing aids contact our advisers and we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Author: Paul Harrison

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