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Oticon Dynamo SP10 Hearing Aids

Dynamo SP10

Price Each £1495 | Price Pair £2795

5 year warranty included.

Available in: BTE, SP

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Our price £1495

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Details & Features

Oticon Dynamo SP10 Hearing Aids

Available in:  BTE | SP  BTE

|  2021 Update:  This hearing aid has now been discontinued.

|  2019 Update:  The Dynamo has been superseded by the Oticon Xceed - view the top specification here.

The Oticon Dynamo SP10 is the top of the new superpower range from Oticon. These hearing aids are for people with a severe or profound hearing loss only.

This aid is a traditionally shaped BTE with a size 13 battery. This makes it a little smaller than the average superpower aid. It comes with analogue-style volume control with levels 1 through to 4 on it. For most this is a love/hate feature. Many power users who are familiar with the older NHS superpower aids may like this volume control. Users who have moved on to the newer digital style aids may be less keen.

As the SP10 is the premium aid in the Dynamo range, it is most suitable for Superpower users who spend significant time in challenging and noisy hearing environments.

Important features

  • Power - 143 dB SPL Maximum power output
  • 82 dB Full-On Gain. 


Dynamo uses a range of features called "Brainhearing" to support the way the brain makes sense of sounds. 

The first is called Speech Rescue which works by copying high frequency sounds like ‘th’ and ‘s’, and then ‘pasting’ them into the lower frequency ranges where your hearing is better.

After Speech Rescue has moved these sounds, the Speech Guard E compression feature delivers the correct amount of amplification while preserving natural speech sounds. This results in clearer speech perception, even in noisy environments.

Feedback Shield optimises for severe to profound hearing loss and protects from unwanted squealing or whistling without reducing sound quality.

Noise management

The Dynamo SP10 has the full suite of noise reduction features you would expect in a premium hearing aid. It uses spatial noise reduction and binaural processing to coordinate between the hearing aids to reduce the level of background sounds, including transient noise reduction. Freefocus Premium directionality and Voicepriority help to zoom in on the sounds that are most important whilst keeping unwanted sounds at bay.


The Dynamo SP10 has 16 channels with 9 fitting bands.

Wireless Communications

The Dynamo range is all compatible with the connectline series of telephones as well as being suitable for Bimodal fittings in conjunction with cochlear implants.

What it looks like


Please view the Oticon Dynamo Video Below

Author: Paul Harrison

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