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Dynamo SP4 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Dynamo SP4

The Dynamo range came out in November 2015 and is the new Superpower range from Oticon

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The Oticon Dynamo SP4 is the most basic of the new Dynamo superpower series and is for people who have very poor hearing but lead fairly quiet lives and don't spend time in noisy environments.

This is quite a large BTE aid with a size 13 battery but it's smaller than the average superpower hearing aid.

It has a rotating volume control which goes from one to four and stops at either end, similar to the traditional analog style hearing aids of old. 

Important features

Maximum power = 143 dB SPL.

Maximum gain = 82 dB.

Make no mistake, this is a no frills superpower aid. It provides a lot of amplification and it does that very well but there is not much sophistication with regards to the clever processing and reduction of unwanted background sounds. This hearing aid lacks all but the most basic of noise reduction but it does still have the features that are important for providing speech clarity, such at Speech Rescue. This aid is for people who need a lot of amplification but don't need it for much beyond one-on-one conversations and television.

Author: David Roberts

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