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Oticon Dynamo SP8 Hearing Aids

Dynamo SP8

Price Each £1295 | Price Pair £2395

5 year warranty included.

Available in: BTE, SP

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Our price £1295

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Details & Features

Oticon Dynamo SP8 Hearing Aids

Available in:  BTE | SP  BTE

|  2021 Update:  This hearing aid has now been discontinued.

|  2019 Update:  The Dynamo has been superseded by the Oticon Xceed - view the top specification here.

The Oticon Dynamo SP8 is the next to top aid in the new superpower range from Oticon. This type of hearing aid is for people with a severe to profound loss only.

This aid looks like a traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) style aid and uses a size 13 battery. It's not as big as a normal superpower aid with the big blue batteries but it does resemble them in that it has an analogue-style volume control that goes from one to four. For many, this feature tends to be either love or hate. Those familiar with the old NHS analogue hearing aids may like the familiarity of this type of volume control. If you are used to the newer digital volume controls then this style can seem a little strange.  As the SP8 is a high-end aid it is most suitable for people with quite high hearing requirements.

Important features

  • Maximum power output is 143 dB SPL.
  • Full-on gain is 82 dB.

The Dynamo SP8 shares many features with the SP10 and rather than cover the same ground again you can click here to read the SP10 article in full. The primary differences between the aids are that the Dynamo SP8 lacks the spatial noise management of the SP10 and also does not provide transient noise reduction. In addition, there is one less frequency band (8) controlling the 16 channels of the aid.

What it looks like

Please view the Oticon Dynamo video below

Author: Paul Harrison

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