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Oticon Intiga Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

The Oticon Intiga is produced by the Danish manufacturer Oticon.  The Intiga is available in 3 levels of technology, the Oticon Intiga 10 Hearing Aids and 10i, (premium technology), the Oticon Intiga 8 Hearing Aids and 8i (mid technology level) and the Oticon Intiga 6 Hearing Aids (3rd technology level).


Launched in September 2011 the Intiga is available both as a receiver in the ear (RITE) or invisible in canal (iic).  While both styles are very discreet, if you are looking for an invisible in the ear hearing instrument then opt for the ‘i’ model (please note that the Intiga 6 is not available as the i model).


The Oticon Intiga has wireless technology and is a very easy to use and discreet hearing instrument proving particularly appealing to people who are considering hearing aids for the first time.


In nature a persons 2 ears work together.  With Intiga wireless technology binaural hearing aids work in a very similar way.  Another advantage of wireless connectivity is that the hearing aids automatically adjust instantly to changes in the listening environment for example when going from a quiet room to a room where there is lots of noise.


The Intiga (and in particular the i Model) is very inconspicuous and wont interfere with spectacles, use of telephones and headsets or even your hairstyle.


For the Intiga, Oticon received top prize in both the Industrial Design Business-to-Consumer Award category and the People’s Choice Award category at the Danish Design Award 2012.


Whether face to face with someone or over the telephone the Oticon Intiga sound processing makes voices and conversations easy to follow.  The Speech Guard facility helps to preserve the fine details in speech and this gives a very natural perception of speech.


The Oticon Intiga is designed to be extremely discreet, offers very fine sound quality with improved speech understanding from the moment you start using it.  The Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature uses the precise amount of signal processing required.


The Bluetooth facility on the Intiga means that mobile telephones can be connected wirelessly to the hearing aids.  There are also assisted listening devices available called the Oticon ConnectLine system that can be combined with your hearing aids which enables the user to listen to music, landline telephone or TV much more clearly by beaming the sound direct to the hearing aids therefore helping to cut out other background noise.  This also works like a remote control allowing the wearer to control their hearing aids at the touch of a button!


For the fashion conscious the Intiga is available in an exciting range of colours.


Author: Paul Harrison

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