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Nera2 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Nera2

Price for one - £845 | Price for a pair - £1595
The Nera2 was launched in spring 2015 and has superseded the previous generation of Nera2 hearing aids.

Technology rating

High Street Price £1500

Our price £845

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Oticon Nera2

The Nera2 uses Oticon’s newest Inium Sense Processor, with greater processing power than previous models as well as wireless connectivity. Together with the Nera2 Pro, this is the mid level hearing aid in Oticon’s range.

Main Features

16 Channels controlled by 6 bands

The Nera2 has 6 sound processing bands to ensure great listening quality. More bands mean the hearing aids can be finely tuned to your level of hearing loss.

Noise Reduction

Background noise is a common problem for those with hearing loss when trying to hear conversation. This program reduces background noise giving greater speech clarity.

BrainHearing Technology

The wireless connectivity allows both hearing aids to communicate with each other through Binaural Synchronisation. This ensures that both aids are always on the same program and volume setting. Because they work together, they also give greater spatial awareness, helping you work out the direction of the sound.

Telephone program

The telephone program is able to stream the sound of your phone call to both hearing aids simultaneously, making the caller’s voice clearer whilst reducing the background noise in the room.

Soft Speech Booster

This program helps to clarify and amplify speech in quiet environments where people naturally speak more quietly. It works by amplifying the softer high frequency speech sounds. This program can also adapt to its environment, so if it becomes noisier, the program will change to ensure your listening comfort.

YouMatic Advanced

YouMatic allows you to create three different listening profiles to personalise your hearing. These can be tailored for your needs in different environments such as at work or playing sport.

FreeFocus Advanced

This program controls the directional microphones. The Nera2 has four different directional programs that can help you to hear speech when you are unable to face the speaker. This is ideal for listening to conversation in noisy environments, such as restaurants.

VC Learning

Your hearing aids are able to learn, over time, what your favourite settings and programs are. They can also apply them automatically, so you don’t have to constantly change your settings throughout the day.

Adaptation Manager

Everything can seem a bit too loud when you wear new hearing aids for the first time. To help you get used to the increased volume around you, this program will increase the sound gradually so you are always comfortable with the noise levels.

Inium Feedback Shield.

This feedback program takes away the whistle or buzz of feedback before you know it’s there.

The Nera2 is available in a range of colours and fittings so it is easy to choose one to suit you. Fittings include;

Completely In Canal (CIC), In The Canal (ITC), In The Ear (ITE), mini Receiver In The Ear (miniRITE), Receiver In The Ear (RITE), mini Behind The Ear (miniBTE) and Behind The Ear (BTE).

The RITE, miniBTE and BTE fittings have a volume control and the ITC, ITE, RITE and BTE have a telecoil (T-switch).


These hearing aids are fully compatible with Oticon’s ConnectLine range of sound streamers and accessories. These can stream sound from your TV, computer, telephone and other media devices to your hearing aids.

This new range from Oticon has models to suit all budgets. The options listed in order of sophistication are the Alta2 ProAlta 2Nera2 ProNera2Ria2 Pro and Ria2.

Author: David Roberts

Key Features

  • The new look Nera2

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