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Ria (H100) Hearing Aids & Reviews

Ria (H100)

Oticon have taken the technology usually reserved for more expensive hearing aids and incorporated it into their new more affordable hearing aid range which includes the Ria and the Ria Pro.

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Oticon have taken the technology usually reserved for more expensive hearing aids and incorporated it into their new more affordable hearing aid range which includes the Ria and the Ria Pro. This hearing aid is powerful enough to support those with moderate, severe and profound hearing loss.

 The Ria contains Oticon’s Inium processing platform which incorporates 16 channels. The channels take in and process all the sounds around you and refines them to give you the optimum sound. The single compression signal processing system is used to process each sound frequency and make small alterations which bring all the frequencies within your own hearing range. The hearing aid also incorporates the Inium feedback shield. This program is able to suppress the annoying feedback whistle before you can even hear it without distorting the other sound around you.

These programs ensure that you have great speech clarity and can hear clearly in many difficult situations.

Your hearing aid specialist can set up your own personalised listening program thanks to Oticon’s YouMatic technology, this means that your hearing aid will be designed and programmed to suit your lifestyle.

By using Smart Frequency Shifting and Phase Inversion technology, your hearing aids can assess your listening environment to give you the ideal volume. It will be able to tell if you move from a quiet environment to a noisy one, or vice versa, and will adjust the volume and programme setting to a comfortable level for you. This saves you fiddling with your hearing aids or remote control every time you move from one place to another.

Many people struggle with getting their hearing aids on the same program and volume, especially without a remote control. Having the hearing aids on different programmes can make your ability to hear much worse. The built in binaural coordination makes sure that both hearing aids are working together on the same settings.

The Ria also contains Oticon’s Free Focus Essential program which gives you total control over the direction of your hearing aids microphones. When you are in a difficult listening environment you can change the direction of the microphone so that it focuses on a certain area. This allows you to hear someone speaking clearly whether they are in front of you or to the side. You can also focus them to listen to sounds around the whole room.

Other programmes include an automatic phone program which adjusts your hearing aids to turn up the sound of speech from the phone whilst lowering the volume in the other hearing aid to cut out noise from the room, reducing distractions and allowing you to focus on the telephone call.

A telecoil is available in the larger behind the ear and receiver in the ear styles and the hearing aids also have built in FM integration.

The wireless 8kHz bandwidth allows you to stream audio from the Connectline range of Bluetooth accessories designed for the Oticon range. The Oticon Streamer Pro will pick up the sound from your smart phone or computer and stream it wirelessly to your hearing aids. It also enables you to stream the sound from your mp3 player and any other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also connect it to your iPad and iPod.

The connectline range also offers a home telephone which can stream the sound directly to both hearing aids simultaneously whilst cutting out the background sound. There is also a television streamer which sits by your television and streams the sound from whatever you are watching to you. You can alter the volume easily without changing the sound for the other people in the room.

Due to its small power consumption the Ria only uses small batteries. This means that there are a full range of styles and fittings available. These include Behind the Ear (BTE), Mini Behind The Ear (MBTE), Receiver in the Ear (RITE) and Mini Receiver in the Ear (MRTE). The telecoil option is not available in the mini behind the ear and mini receiver in the ear styles.

These hearing aids are available in seven colours, including chrome beige, terracotta, chestnut brown, silver, silver grey, steel grey and diamond black.

The range of smaller hearing aid fittings include in the ear (ITE) full and half shell, in the canal (ITC), completely in the canal (CIC) and invisible in the canal (IIC).

These styles are available in beige, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and the invisible in canal style is available in black. The power flex moulds are available in clear transparent, black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown and beige. 

Author: Paul Harrison

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